Mass anti-Scott demonstrations planned

The opposition MMD says it will organise mass demonstrations against vice president Guy Scott for bringing the party into ridicule after telling the nation that it was the MMD cadres that were perpetuating violence in the Patriotic Front.

MMD president Nevers Mumba said the party was consulting with its lawyers as it was considering taking Scott to court to seek redress if he was not going to apologise.

Mumba who described the utterances by the vice president as unfair said it was the initiative of the youths to hold Scott accountable and that as a party leader he would support them so that the vice president retracts his statement.

And Lusaka province chairperson Watson Mtonga said it was unfortunate that Scott could not explain and tell the truth on what exactly was happening regarding the violence within the ruling party which has resulted in the death of a cadre.

Mtonga who supported his party leader said the party would seek legal redress if the 48 hours ultimatum issued to Scott would not be treated with the seriousness it deserved and that as a party that had been in power before, the MMD was saddened by the violence within the PF.

He said it was very unfortunate that the PF violence had escalated fearing that it was instigating fear in innocent Zambians.

Meanwhile the provincial leader said that as opposition members they did not expect such a statement from Scott because they expected him to condemn violence strongly by directing police to arrest the culprits.

“It is sad to hear such a statement from Scott. We demand that he retracts his statement and if he will not apologise we shall mobilize youths to demonstrate against him. This time around we shall not fear because he has provoked the situation.

“Why should he blame the hooliganism in his party on us when everyone knows that PF is a violent party? Whether we are given a permit by police or not we shall protest and we don’t care what action police will take against us because we want the world to know that Scott is a danger to Zambia’s democracy,” Mtonga said.

He said as a senior citizen Scott was expected to address the issues affecting his party with diplomacy but it was a shame that what he said lacked merit and truth.

Mtonga observed that there was nothing wrong for the MMD to demonstrate the way the PF cadres are doing it throughout the country.

He said as a party they would not be intimidated even if Scott sent them his hooligans to attack them during their protest because it was known by everyone that PF was a violent party.