Our campaign is non violent- Komaki

Acting Lusaka District chairman Julius Komaki says his group which has rejected Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was non-violent and only used banners to register their belief that Wynter could not lead the Patriotic Front.

Appealing to Zambians and particularly PF officials across the country to be peaceful in their resolve against Wynter and the cartel, Komaki said that all peace loving Zambians must reject Kabimba’s agenda for the nation as it will set the country on fire.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Komaki who has been admitted in the University Teaching Hospital where he is receiving treatment after he had his neck sliced with a panga, blamed the violence on a militia.

Komaki observed that if his group believed in violence they would have been armed as they had the capacity to do so but that they were peace loving individuals and their only mission was to protect the presidency which was under siege and threatened by inimical characters.

He said that there was overwhelming evidence that his group was non-violent as shown in the many pictures where the only weapon carried was the messages on placards denouncing Kabimba as party secretary general and Justice Minister.

He said that he w as aware that he was the major target by Kabimba’s camp but that he believed in the justice system of the country, adding that Kabimba was misleading President Sata and putting the country’s presidency at risk. “He is the President of this country and not Wynter, and he will be held responsible for these killings. People don’t know Wynter Kabimba, he is there because of President Sata and if he doesn’t act now, soon people will hold him accountable for these killings,” said Komaki.

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