Kabimba remains rejected in PF

Wynter Kabimba will remain a rejected Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general and no amount of violence and intimidation from his thugs will change the mind of the youths and the general membership, PF Lusaka district vice secretary Benji Siwila has declared.

But when contacted Kabimba declared that he would never take an interview from the Daily Nation and that reporters calling him were just wasting his time.

Siwila has vowed that there shall be no retreat and no surrendering on their demands to have Kabimba expelled from the ruling party adding the PF and President Sata had excellent developmental policies but that they were being delayed to be implemented because of the succession wrangles that have engulfed the party.

Siwila has charged that the PF had been thrown into disarray because of Kabimba who he accused of having imposed himself on the party even after he had been rejected by the central committee and the general membership of the party.

Siwila who was involved in a road traffic accident along Great East road while trying to escape an attack from a pro-Kabimba group that has been against the endorsement of President Michael Sata told the Daily Nation that the ruling party secretary general did not have any decent following in the party.

He said it was unfortunate that the Kabimba saga had resulted into the unnecessary death of a cadre when such a tragedy could have been avoided had the Justice Minister resigned his position when the calls for his expulsion from the party had just started.

Siwila said the youths had sacrificed a lot for the PF and President Sata and would never allow Kabimba and his friends to destroy the party.

He said the spontaneous protests against Kabimba across the country were a true reflection of how the membership was feeling about the continued stay of the Justice Minister in the party.

He stated that the youths would continue demanding for the expulsion of Kabimba because there was a big risk that the ruling party would collapse if the Justice Minister remained in the party.

Siwila said for as long as Kabimba remained in the PF, the violence that had engulfed the ruling party would never end because most of the members of the party had resolved not to work with their secretary general.

Siwila said the PF youths who have been agitating for the expulsion of Kabimba were peaceful and that their means of delivering their concerns had been through peaceful demonstrations and placards.

“These people who are supporting Kabimba have proved that they are a violent group. From the time we started protesting against Kabimba, our mode of communicating had been through peaceful demonstrations and placards. But the group supporting Kabimba have been using pangas, machetes, axes and any other crude weapon to deliver their messages. This is not correct because we cannot start killing each other because of a man who has been roundly rejected by the party,” Siwila said.

Siwila said the Justice Minister had decided to hang on the PF because he knew that he had no following and that his political career depended on the popularity of President Sata.

He said the youths supporting President Sata were against violence adding the blood that was shed during the struggle for independence was enough for the country.

He has warned that the attacks they suffered had made them stronger and that they would now embark on a more aggressive programme of demanding for the expulsion of Kabimba.

2 thoughts on “Kabimba remains rejected in PF

  1. Why is it that it is always cadres dying? You mean all cadres are daft and can fail to “sort out” any seniors. Guys, target one and this will be over.
    Trick one, kill a high profile, and they will start thinking.

  2. PF leeches stop wasting our time and spare us the noise. Can I find out something. If it is right for you hooligans to demonstrate against an official that was appointed by your President, is it also right for us who are disgusted with Sata to demonstrate and ask him to resign? Be brave and acknowledge that your Sata has failed. Why can’t your Sata listen to you and fire Wynter? He simply is a devious snake toying with your lives while you fight for crumbs. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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