Reject PF violence – HH

Zambians must reject the Patriotic Front because of its violent nature and character exhibited against its own people, says opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Hichilema said that Zambians were leaving in constant fear of what would happens the following day because of the violent character and conduct the PF has so far shown.

He said that it was no longer a hidden agenda that the PF was a violent party whose leadership prides itself in violence and wrongs things.

Hichilema observed that what made it difficult and strange was the fact that President Michael Sata seemed not concerned about what was happening in the country as he has failed to show leadership by stopping the violent conduct of his members against each other.

“Zambians must reject the PF and its leadership if peace, unity and prosperity are to be attained in this country. For the 2 years the PF has been in government the only major things they have delivered successfully is violence, failure to dialogue and intimidating those with divergent views,”  said Hichilema.

He said that not too long ago, his party and other opposition leaders for warned that there was no reason to trust the PF and those that wished to do so were doing it at their own risk.

The opposition leader recollected how the machete and chain wielding PF cadres attacked UPND members, its leadership and the general public while addressing a public political rally in Kabwata Constituency saying President Sata decided to keep quiet on the matter despite people asking and pleading with him to stop the violence.

Hichilema said that those that thought that the violence was targeted at the opposition political leaders would end with the opposition, have now realise that dictators world over were cowards and used sophiscated means to silence others who noted their growing dictatorial tendencies.

He said that it was sad that when he reported President Sata to SADC and other regional bodies, many Zambians thought that he was being malicious, unpatriotic and maligning the leadership.

Hichilema said that exposing President Sata and the PF for the sporadic violent conduct was the only way to deter him and his thugs from eliminating people.

“When we went round lobbying for support from both local and international organisations we were condemned and called unpatriotic, we were called bitter people by the same people who are today talking. This is what we wanted to avoid because we saw that the PF was not interested in governing the country peacefully. We saw that the PF wanted to destroy the very tenets of democracy that brought them into power by stopping people from expressing divergent views. Now tell me, is it acceptable what the country is going through,” asked Hichilema who was heavily criticised for meeting a team of foreign diplomats accredited to Zambia where he complained against the PF violent conduct and abuse of  the police.

Hichilema said that the PF did not only stop at harassing and beating opposition leaders and their supporters but also followed  Bishops and other worshipers praying in BIGOCA in Matero for Gods’ guidance in the governance of the country.

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