Restoring peace and harmony

The Government has a duty and responsibility to restore peace, harmony and tranquility in the country. The standoff in the various social, political and economic arenas should be resolved with urgency to restore the sense of national unity and belonging that this country has been enjoying for the last 49years.

There are far too many areas of contention begging for resolution.

Potential areas of conflict are growing by the day and more communities are being drawn into contention as more communities and interest groups are being marginalized due to unresolved areas of divergence.

One most immediate and troubling area of contention is the whole the Barotse Agreement quagmire which seems to defy description because the two parties involved both claim to be in the right and there is no reason to doubt either.

On one hand the Government has adopted a very hard line attitude against secessionists in Barotseland who are advocating a breach of Zambia as unitary state and therefore committing treason. On the other hand Barotse people in general feel a righteous indignation against Government’s u-turn over the Barotse agreement.

What is at stake is the interpretation of the Barotse agreement.

This agreement was “proscribed” or nullified by legislation in 1969 when the Government decided among other things  to recognize the Litunga as one of the Chiefs on the same rank as Paramount Chief Mpezeni or indeed  Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in the one united country of Zambia.

This was the final strand that completely obliterated Barotseland as a territory separate from the rest of the country. It follows therefore that by 2011 there was no Barotse agreement to be restored and yet part of the campaign promised the restoration of the agreement.

The difficulty of attaining this feat was never explained to the people of Barotseland, who have been expecting restoration of the agreement with all the benefits it would bring.

Listening to Liuwa Member of Parliament Dr. Situmbeko Musokotwane id clear that the people of Barotseland have been laboring under a serious illusion which must be explained to them if a settlement is envisaged.

The people of Barotseland are genuinely aggrieved that the Government has not only u-turned but has made villains of people who were promised and were therefore looking forward to the “restoration” of the agreement.

It is only proper and in order that Government should explain the situation so that both sides are left with no illusions. The current status is not sustainable and is clearly a recipe for future conflict and differences.


One thought on “Restoring peace and harmony

  1. The people of Barotseland are not bitter because Sata has u-turned over the restoration of Barotseland agreement. Big NO. What the people of Barotseland are doing now is not to apply the national law which destroyed the unity agreement between Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland but to apply international law which was used at the time of signing the independence ordinances. If Northern Rhodesia has seen it fit to go by the latter legislation which nullified the independence agreement, Barotse people will not go for that because they know that it is the same legislation which brought about their current sufferings so they smartly opted for peaceful use of the international law. Our strength is that no matter how many people are arrested or killed, God the Almighty will ALWAYS side with the just struggle. Great nations such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy ect had in the end to give freedom to the oppressed even under the greatest Dictators of this world. Now Sata is just a small Dictator who will soon fall. remember when king David was still ruling with his heart, he had the most favour from God, But when he turned to rule with the sword, God denied him from building the most sacred house of the Lord. This is what is going to happen to all the Zambian presidents who rule Barotseland by the gun. The people of Barotseland have now given their acceptance of the nullification of the Barotseland agreement. Yes we agree. Now you must understand the effect of this Yes. Bring Referendum to Barotseland now if you want to see the effect of this Yes. Genuine and progressive countries like Britain, Italy and South Sudan conducted polls to verify the effects of the discontentment in their unions.

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