Syamunene under attack for maligning HH

Sinazongwe resident are up in arms against their Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene for allegedly attacking United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema.

Siamunene has been accused of having rebelled against the people of Sinazongwe and the party that had sponsored him to contest the parliamentary seat in the constituency.

The residents are incensed that Siamunene had started maligning Hichilema after using his popularity in the area to win the Sinazongwe Parliamentary seat which had made him appointed as deputy minister in the Patriotic Front government.

According to George Bbabi, the Sinazongwe UPND spokesperson, the residents of Sinazongwe were annoyed that Siamunene had turned against the people who had elected him and was now dining with a political party that had no agenda for the country.

Bbabi said Siamunene was not in the PF government to serve the people of Sinazongwe but his joining the ruling party was for his selfish benefits.

The residents who are reported to have held a meeting were annoyed that Siamunene had resorted to slandering the leadership of the UPND with the hope of pleasing President Sata and the Patriotic Front.

Bbabi explained that Syamunene was hiding behind the court process to continue being a member of a political party he was vilifying.

Bbabi told the Daily Nation that  Sinazongwe MP would regret having joined the PF government stating that the ruling party would abandon him soon after using him to advance their agenda.

“The people of Sinazongwe district are very annoyed with Siamunene for having rebelled against them and the UPND, the political party that sponsored him to contest the elections in 2011. The man has become an enemy of the people who elected him and the party that sponsored him. The people want him to stop the case in court so that he can recontest his seat on the PF ticket if be thinks he has remained popular after betraying the electorate,” Bbabi said.

Bbabi said Siamunene should realize that he was nothing without the UPND and advised that the Sinazongwe MP should apologise to the people of Sinazongwe for having abandoned them.




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  1. If Sinazongwe MP Hon. Syamunene cannot read the current political dynamics under the PF regime, then he is an imbecile not worth being a Counsellor. He is a shameless money monger.

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