Murder cover-up

Our country is on edge and it is only proper that those in authority act with prudence and circumspection in order to avoid further loss of confidence.

The case of the death, post mortem and subsequent burial of Patriotic Front cadre Moses Simuwela raises very serious questions of integrity which must be resolved conclusively of the Government is to emerge from this episode unscathed.

Simuwela’s father has totally rejected the unconfirmed postmortem examination results which apparently suggest that the young man died from natural causes.

Sadly for the Police who seem to be pushing this line, the entire fracas was played out in the media lime light. Moses was taken to Levy Hospital where he was examined and it was clear that he was the victim of Panga and physical trauma.

In the interest of transparency and for the Government and especially Police to gain goodwill, they must exhume the body and subject it to independent postmortem before it is too late.

The fact that the Simuwela’s family  may not have the means to mount a full scale forensic examination of the circumstances that led to the death of their child should not be an excuse for murderers to get away with a premeditated killing.

If this happens then the blood of Moses Simuwela will be on the hands of all those that participated in his death.

The secrecy surrounding the murder and subsequent burial of Patriotic Front cadre Samson is a matter of very serious concern.

The loss of any life is a matter of very serious concern and should be treated with the seriousness and concern that it deserves. The manner in which this entire death and burial have been undertaken leaves a very distinct impression that some people are in a very big hurry to put the matter behind without the requisite investigation that will determine the true cause of death and those behind it.

The Government should not take this matter lightly because the Zambian people have been subjected to psychological trauma by the events of that fateful day when panga wielding thugs hunted down “enemies” who were hacked in cold blood.

The same thugs descended on Lusaka City Centre where they paralyzed business as owners scampered.

The Government must exercise transparency any form of impunity will not be accepted.