PF murder cover up starts

Relatives of slain PF cadre Moses Simuwela have categorically rubbished the results of the police post mortem report which suggested natural causes as the cause of his death .

 Some relatives now want an independent post mortem to ascertain the real cause of death.

 His father Simuwela father has maintained that his son was in good health and could not have died from natural causes.

“He was only 18 and very healthy” he said.

The father has since maintained that he should be compensated by government following the secrecy and cover up in the movement of Simuwela’s body from Mwanawasa hospital to UTH and subsequently to Leopards cemetery where he was hurriedly buried.

Unprecedented levels of secrecy have surrounded the hacking and subsequent death of PF cadre Moses Simuwela and those responsible may go scot free because unconfirmed police pathological reports have claimed that Moses died from natural causes.

Police have failed to explain the circumstances of the death and eventual burial of Simuwela who was reportedly buried by the police on Wednesday this week.

According to unconfirmed reports, a police pathologist has suggested that Simuwela died from natural causes therefore none of the arrested cadres will face a murder charge.

But relatives have revealed that the post mortem report was outrageous as the body had extensive cuts and bruises. Inquiries by the Daily Nation to establish the cause of death and burial arrangements proved fruitless.

Simuwela died on Thursday last week after the pro-Wynter Kabimba faction violently clashed with the Julius Komaki group who have been demanding the expulsion of their secretary general for allegedly forming parallel structures within the ruling party with the hope of succeeding President Michael Sata in 2016.

Police are failing to explicitly explain how Simuwela’s body was moved from Levy Mwanawasa Hospital to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) mortuary where it was oddly whisked away for burial at the Leopard’s Hill cemetery leaving the relatives of the dead PF cadre astounded.

Police have been reluctant to discuss the results of the post mortem and the author of this story was tossed from one officer to the other who declined to comment on the mystery surrounding the death, post-mortem and eventual speedy burial of Simuwela.

When contacted to comment on the confusion surrounding the post mortem results of Simuwela and the resultant confusion, police spokesperson Charity Munganga said she was out of town and did not have the details of the matter.

Munganga instead referred the query to the acting police spokesperson Esther Katongo who also referred the author to Lusaka police commissioner Nelson Phiri.

“I can not give you the details of what happened but call the Lusaka Province Commissioner who will be able to give you the details of the confusion surrounding the results of the postmoterm and the burial of Simuwela,” Katongo said.

But Phiri when contacted said the police service had discussed the matter and had mandated the public relations department to issue a comprehensive statement and expressed surprise that her juniors were referring queries to him.

“We do not want to cause confusion on this matter. We have discussed and we have told the public relations officer Katongo to issue a statement so that we do not look like we are a disorgainsed institution. So let me call Katongo to call you so that you can get the details of what happened,” Phiri said.

There are fears that authorities could be attempting to cover up people who are suspected to have been linked to the death of Simuwela to protect some powerful officials from being exposed over the fracas that happened on Thursday last week.Simuwela was hurriedly buried at the Leopard’s Hill cemetery on Wednesday after the police pathologists conducted a post mortem whose results were largely rejected by the family members of the late PF cadre.The results of the post-mortem showed that Simuwela, who was a victim of the violence that occurred at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport died of natural causes.The results means that the people linked to the death of Simuwela would not be charged of murder and that was why those who have so far been arrested have been slapped with assault and proposing violence.But the family of Simuwela were not happy and the results have raised suspicions that the state was scheming to clear the names of the people suspected to have been involved in the death of the 20 year PF cadre.UTH authorities told the Daily Nation that the hospital was not responsible for the body of late Simuwela because the matter was a murder case and it was the police that were responsible for the postmortem and referred all queries to the police.