Speaker caps MPs

Members of Parliament will no longer raise “spontaneous” point order to interrogate Government over urgent matters of national interest.

According to a ruling by the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Matibini, MPs were grossly abusing points of order to raise issues, many of them contentious, on issues that had little or nothing to do with matters that were before the house, procedure or on decorum of the house.

Points of order, he said, were designed to address concerns regarding procedure, substance or decorum of the House.

In future MPs will be required to raise questions of urgency through established procedures, Vice President’s question time, Ministerial statements or private members motion.

The speaker made the ruling following a complaint by UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa complained that the Speaker was biased and inconsistent in his determination of matter raised on points of order.

Dr. Matibini explained that the legislature did not hold overarching responsibilities over the two remaining arms of Government including the executive and Judiciary and could not therefore make rulings that involved their responsibility.