ACC moribund, insists Mumbi

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has become moribund as it has failed to investigate clear cases of corruption such as the Trafigura oil scandal in which the government paid US$500 million for 216 million litres of petrol and 21 million liters of diesel instead of US$200 million, making the transaction Zambia’s worst oil scandal, Edward Mumbi has said.

Mumbi said the ACC had even failed to investigate corrupt serving minister even after the republican Vice-President Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have publicly confessed that there are cabinet ministers and senior Patriotic Front (PF) officials who were corrupt.

Mumbi has said that a decree by President Michael Sata that no investigative agency should embark on investigating and prosecuting his ministers unless authorized by the Head of State had made ACC a lame duck.

He said the Trafigura case was one of the worst corruption cases the ACC had failed to investigate while many other cases of suspected corruption had been shelved.

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was summoned by the Anti-Corruption  Commission to respond to allegations that Trafigura paid his company, Midland Energy Zambia, to secure a petrol and diesel supply deal but the interrogations were suspended amid chaotic scenes and protests from cadres the PF secretary general had transported to the commission..

Mumbi who is former UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s special assistant told the Sunday Nation yesterday that it was ironical for the ACC to claim that they were a professional governance institution when they had completely failed to investigate serving government ministers.

He said the ACC had always found it easy and prudent to institute investigations against citizens who were deemed to be enemies of the party in government.

Mumbi said the ACC should explain to the nation why they had decided to ignore revelations by Dr Scott and the PF secretary general that the Sata administration had corrupt ministers.

Mumbi said it was annoying that the ACC had failed to fully investigate the Trafigura oil corruption scandal because the people involved in the case were serving government ministers.

He stated that the commission had been turned into a tool of political persecution and that only those who were deemed to be on the wrong side of the political game.

“We have had statements from the Vice-President Guy Scott and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who have publicly confessed that there are corrupt ministers in government. Dr Scott has even taken a step further by releasing a dossier of corrupt ministers to investigative agencies. These are two top government officials who have publicly said there is corruption in PF and the ACC has done nothing,” Mumbi said.

He said Zambians were aware that the AC had become a tool of oppression and that only those who were critical of government were being pursued.

He said no level of public relations would cleans the ACC from the perception that it had failed Zambians because President Sata was on recorded having directed the investigative agencies against carrying out investigations against ministers without his permission.

Mumbi said it was not correct for the ACC to attack the Daily Nation for revealing that the commission was working under fear because influential government ministers were threatening individual officers with dismissals if they were going to investigate senior government officials.