Allow Simuwela independent post-mortem – Changala

Medical professional bodies have been asked to assist the family of slain PF cadre Moses Simuwela to conduct an independent post mortem to establish the real cause of his death.

Civil rights activist Brenber Changala said it has become apparent that police were trying to hide something by suggesting through the police post mortem that Simuwela died of natural causes when he had external and visible injuries.

“I am appealing to medical professional bodies and in dependent pathologists to assist the family conduct an independent post mortem to establish the real cause of Simuwela” he said.

“Police post mortem reports that Simuwela died of natural causes. This is highly questionable because he had external and visible injuries and the family wants to establish the truth behind his death” Changala said.

Unprecedented levels of secrecy have surrounded the hacking and subsequent death of PF cadre Simuwela and those responsible may go scot free because unconfirmed police pathological reports claimed that Moses died from natural causes.

Changala insisted that Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu last week told Parliament that eight suspects were in custody over the death of Simuwela adding that it was imperative that those who killed Moses were brought to book.

According to unconfirmed reports, a police pathologist has suggested that Simuwela who was reportedly buried by police on Wednesday died of natural causes therefore none of the cadres arrested would face murder charges.

“I am appealing to professional medical bodies and independent pathologists especially professor Nkanza to render an impartial community service to the unfortunate family who wants to know the truth behind the death of their son” he said.

He said it has also become highly suspicious that PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has remained silent on the death of Simuwela instead of providing leadership.

“We remember his excitement when a cadre was killed in Livingstone when he accused UPND leadership and MP Garry Nkombo was locked up on trumped up murder charges. This time Kabimba is an unusually quiet. We smell a rat. Does he know something about this matter?” he asked.

Simuwela died last Thursday after the pro-Wynter Kabimba faction violently clashed with the Julius Komaki group who have been demanding the expulsion of their secretary general for allegedly forming parallel structures within the ruling party with the hope of succeeding President Sata in 2016.There are fears that authorities could be attempting to cover up people who are suspected to have been linked to the death of Simuwela to protect some powerful officials from being exposed over the fracas that happened on Thursday last week.Simuwela was hurriedly buried at Leopards Hill  Cemetery after police conducted the controversial post mortem whose results have been rejected by the family and the father has since stated that he should be compensated because Simuwela was a victim of violence at Kenneth Kaunda international Airport.“The results of the post mortem means that the people linked to the death of Moses would not be charged of murder and that is why those who have so far been arrested have been slapped with assault charges and proposing violence.