PF women strip against Kabimba

Patriotic Front (PF) anti Wynter Kabimba women protestors went topless as a start of demonstrations which will culminate in nude demonstrations if the Justice Minister is not expelled from the ruling party.

The women have taken a leaf from Mama Julia Chikamoneka.

The Lusaka PF women have threatened that should the central committee fail to take action against Kabimba who has come under intense pressure to leave the ruling party, they would on Monday next week get on the streets of Lusaka completely naked to register their anger against the Justice Minister for allegedly undermining President Sata and other senior party members.

The Lusaka PF women led by Peggy Nyirenda have vowed that they will continue petitioning President Sata and the central committee to expel Kabimba with immediate effect because the ruling party had been deeply divided because of his (Kabimba) schemes to hijack the presidency of the ruling party.

The PF women have accused Kabimba and some media houses of having orchestrated schemes to hound President Sata out of the party presidency so that they could take over the reign of the ruling party.

The women performed their rare political feat against their secretary general reminiscent of the times of Mama Julia Chikamoneka at a media briefing by seven Lusaka constituencies where the leaders from the areas reaffirmed their resolve to have the Justice Minister expelled from the party.

Chanting anti Kabimba slogans, the woman also condemned the savage attack of Lusaka PF acting vice chairman Julius Komaki and several other party members who were hacked by a faction supporting Kabimba.

Several people were arrested after the brutal attack on the Komaki group which left Moses Simuwela dead and was later hurriedly buried by the police after the post-mortem results were heavily disputed by his family.

And the seven PF Lusaka constituencies have expressed concern at the manner some media houses were twisting facts on the violence that occurred two week ago leaving one Simuwela dead.

Morgan Ng’ona of Matero constituency, Forbes Mufwaya of Munali constituency, Nkhana Chikutamo of Lusaka central constituency, J. Tamba  of Mandevu constituency, Davison Mulenga of Chawama, Musonda Chibwe of Kabwata and Chilufya Chanda of Kanyama have continued to demand the resignation and expulsion of Kabimba.

“We have been forced to issue a statement in order to address the misrepresentation that have been peddled by a well-known media house supporting the embattled secretary general of the our party, Wynter Kabimba.  This media house is churning out propaganda to create an impression that all those who seek the reorganization of the PF and demanding the expulsion of Kabimba are a bunch of criminals with no respect to human life. They will not succeed because the truth is coming out and their attempt to change public perception of their violent conduct has been laid bare,” the constituency leaders said.

They said it was common knowledge that the people supporting Kabimba were thugs whose only means to resolving issues was to use violence against those with different opinions.

The Lusaka PF constituencies’ leaders have also challenged PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe and former Lusaka District chairman Robert Chikwelete to take the names of the people who were threatening their lives to police with immediate effect.