as YALI says he is a bad example to youths

Young people in Zambia have expressed disappointment at the lack of remorse exhibited by convicted Member of Parliament for Mufumbwe, Steven Masumba.

YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said it was embarrassing for the young people of Zambia and also the people of Mufumbwe who voted him into national leadership because he seemingly was enjoying the conviction.

Ntewewe said even after the Courts found him guilty, Masumba has displayed good-humoured behaviour as if being convicted or jailed was a form of achievement for him.

“As young people, we were expecting him to show remorse for being found on the wrong side of the law, but he seems to be enjoying incarceration as if to say there was nothing wrong with committing a crime, like it was absolutely normal to be in prison,” Ntewewe said.

He said Masumba, who is also sports deputy minister, should begin to realise that he has disappointed the people who voted for him, and also President Sata for appointing him deputy in government.

He charged that the President must realise the mistake he made in appointing Masumba and several others into his cabinet when they had questionable characters including issues with the courts adding that those people would cause embarrassment for him with such outcomes.

Yesterday, the Magistrate Courts sentenced Masumba to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for obtaining pecuniary advantage by using a fake certificate to obtain a job.

Ntewewe said there should be a complete overhaul of cabinet to remove all those holding government appointments but had issues before courts.

“Not only Masumba, but also all those with questionable characters but have been allowed to operate in those offices because that undermines democracy and the tenets of good governance.

This actually portrays a bad image of the PF party and the government.  This will continue to embarrass them (PF),” he said.