Cage Simuwela’s killers – Mumbi

The results of an independent post-mortem conducted on the body of Moses Simuwela that have established that the PF cadre had suffered bruising of the left ribs and thoracic muscles before death has exposed government’s attempts to cover up the real cause of death of  young man, Edward Mumbi has observed.

Mumbi has asked the state to bring to book all those who have been linked to the death of Simuwela stating that it was unacceptable that the people who were arrested in connection with the violence and the eventual death of the PF cadre were still roaming freely on the streets.

Mumbi has told the Daily Nation that it was unacceptable for the state to have attempted to cap the cause of death of Simuwela when it was in public domain that the 18 year old young man had been attacked by fellow cadres in support of PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

Mumbi who is the former United Party for National Development (UPND) special assistant said Professor Neil Nkanza had established that Simuwela did not suffer from any disease process of internal organs and that there was no evidence of atherosclerosis of the arteries at the time he (Simuwela) died.

He has challenged the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to document the violence and human rights abuses that had become common under the PF government and forward them to the Common Wealth secretariat so that the world could know the levels to which Zambia’s human rights record had deteriorated.

Mumbi said Vice-President Guy Scott while attending a Common Wealth Summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka was at pains to defend Zambia’s human rights record because there were many factors that were pointing to the fact that human rights abuses in the country were escalating.

He said the Simuweala death was a good example of human rights abuses in the country where people were being killed and the government was trying to cover up by falsifying results that the PF cadre had died of natural cause.

He said when MMD president Nevers Mumba and his UPND counterpart Hakainde Hichilema travelled to South Africa and complained to the Common Wealth about the human rights abuses in the country, some sections of society had condemned the two leaders that   their complaints were premature.

Mumbi noted that Simuwela’s death could have been avoided had the PF leadership been serious in dealing with the escalating violence among its own members.

“The results of the independent post-morten conducted on the body of Simuwela have put into serious question the conclusion by the police in their findings that our young brother had died of natural cause. Now that Professor Nkanza has established that Simuwela had suffered bruising on the left ribs and thoracic muscles and that there was no obvious disease process of internal organs at the time he died, where does this place the results of the post-mortem conducted by the state?

This is a clear case of human rights abuse and I challenge the Human Rights Commission to document the death of Simuwela and present it to the Common Wealth secretariat,” Mumbi said.

Mumbi has advised the family of Simuwela not to relent in their quest to find out the truth over the death of their family member.

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  1. The philosophy that guides the conduct of the PF party hinges on the principle that it pays to be a liar, thief, trick-star, a corrupt agent and killer within the prescribed period of 2011 to 2016.

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