Doctors demand third postmoterm for simuwela

A third postmortem for slain PF cadre Moses Simuwela must be conducted in order to conclusively find the real cause of his death, Residents Doctors Association (RDA) president Wyson Munga has demanded.

But the family of the late Simuwela has objected to the proposal that there should be a third independent post-mortem that would break the tie of the two conflicting results.

The Professor Neil Nkanza post-mortem had established that Simuwela did not suffer from any disease process of internal organs and that there was no evidence of atherosclerosis of the arteries at the time he (Simuwela) died while the earlier report by Dr Viktor Telendly suggested that the PF cadre had died of cardiac arrest.

Dr. Munga said it was in the best interest of the profession that the controversy surrounding the postmortem results of Simuwela be conducted for the third time to break the tie.

He also said that the Doctor Pathologist who conducted the Postmortem was not a doctor from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) but from the police and just used the facilities at the institution.

“It is not strange to have conflicting postmortem results as exhibited in the Simuwela scenario. It is not unusual for such to happen. And we cannot say that the first Pathologist was wrong or right neither shall we say that the second Pathologist was right or wrong. What must be done now is to have the two different doctors that carried out their postmortem around when the third one is be conducted in order to break the tie.

What we have now are two different results which need direction and that can only be attained by bringing in a third pathologist to break the tie,” said Dr. Munga.

Dr. Munga said a third postmortem would help put the matter to rest unlike the current prevailing situation which had attracted controversy.

“Where there are disparities between the first and second postmortem there is need to conduct a third postmortem that will act as a tie breaker. That is the only way this matter is going to be concluded,” Munga said.

An initial postmortem conducted by a foreign national doctor stated that Simuwelu died from natural causes while the second postmortem carried out by Pathologist Doctor Neil Nkhanza revealed that the deceased had suffered from injuries.

He maintained however, that the cause of death could not be determined because of the advances state of decomposition of the body.And Police said that it would wait for the final results before it could make its final decision whether to take the matter to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution  (DPP) for an  opinion on whether to prosecute the matter or not.

Police deputy police spokesperson Ray Hamoonga told the Daily Nation that the matter was still under investigations and would await the actual results before a decision could be reached at the way forward.


3 thoughts on “Doctors demand third postmoterm for simuwela

  1. This issue will put a very BIG question Mark to all postmoterms conducted in zambia and has the potenstial to invalidate all zambian postmoterms

  2. In order to put this matter to rest let the third autopsy be conducted. The state has a right to protect each and every citizen in the country and as it stands, the family cannot rejected the third autopsy bcoz this matter is of a criminal nature

  3. No need for a third PM, as long as specimens were forensically collected, witnessed and preserved. The families should now sue the PF party and the police as second respondent and the AG. The two Pathologist will bring their evidence to court and a third expert witness can do the same by looking at the specimens and photos that the first two Pathologists took. My money is on Neil Nkanza getting it right. Ati heart attack? Heart attack in a youing Zambian man? These foreign doctors should learn to practice within the local epidemiology.

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