YALI warns of delays in constitution process

Manoeuvres by the Patriotic Front government to deny the Zambian people the final draft of the Republican Constitution is slowly turning into a national crisis with the potential to cause serious divisions in the country.

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe said the government was making desperate efforts to manipulate the current constitution process and stage-manage contents of the document.

And Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi said if allegations to manipulate the document were true, it would be the worst deceit of the century against the trust the people of Zambia had bestowed on the PF.

Ntewewe said Zambians would not take lightly any further tactics by the PF government to further delay the release of the draft which is also delaying progress on the national referendum.

Ntewewe said information that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba was about to appoint a 10 member committee for the purpose of validating the final draft was a contradiction all the efforts made by the Technical Committee as a team of experts.

“This matter is slowly turning into a national crisis and it is bound to cause serious divisions among the people hence the need for leadership from the Head of State. We demand that the President should immediately address the nation on this very important matter,” Ntewewe said.

He charged that the Justice Minister should confirm or deny that he was in the process of appointing the 10 member committee, which action would be in charge of coming up with the government’s white paper.

He wondered what validation would be made by the 10 member team which the Technical Committee comprised of experts who had spent time and resources going round the country collecting information would have missed.

Ntewewe said that government was trying hard to deny the Zambians access to the document which has gobbled in excess of K155 million tax payers’ money.

One thought on “YALI warns of delays in constitution process

  1. YALI,as one of the few active NGOs calling for good governance in Zambia,should keep on reminding the PF to honour its election promises.The republican draft constitution belongs to all Zambians therefore we want it released simultaneously to Michael Sata and the general public before our patience runs out.For how long will the PF continue delaying the release of the draft constitution?I hope it will be released before the end of December,otherwise we will think of other drastic options.

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