Chibesakunda blasts low performing staff

Lack of commitment in the performance of official duties by Judiciary staff is a big challenge which needs to be quickly addressed, says Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.

Justice Chibesakunda said the problem has been compounded by the absence of effective supervision.

“In this regard, we may need to do some extensive restructuring that would see some members of staff, who are totally indifferent towards work, redeployed to areas where they can perform better; while giving room to staff that are committed and want to make a positive impact on the performance of this Institution,” she said

Justice Chibesakunda was speaking in Chisamba yesterday when she officially opened the seventh policy committee meeting of the judiciar, at Protea Hotel.

“I must, however, hasten to say that although we have recorded successes in a number of areas, we still need to work very hard. We still have many challenges which we must persistently and earnestly search for solutions.

“Reports generated from provinces make sad reading. These reports reveal numerous problems which are afflicting most of our courts around the country,” she said

She said court operations accommodation remained a big challenge both at Headquarters and everywhere else, adding that in certain places local courts shared one courtroom with subordinate courts forcing them to alternate when hearing matters.

She said  in Mbala for instance, members of staff have to alternate to report for work because of the shortage of Court operation accommodation.

She told the gathering that as a Supreme Court, there plans to come up with a practice of delivering rulings, in Motions, immediately after hearing for quick disposal of matters.

“We are also in the process of reviving court-annexed Mediation which, as you may be aware, has been dormant.   It is my hope that the revival of court-annexed Mediation will go a long way in dealing with the case load pending before us and with the growing numbers of matters that are coming before our courts,” she said

She said the significance of the meeting could not be overstated because that was where policy direction of the Judiciary was projected and properly planned.

“I urge you therefore, distinguished participants at the end of these deliberations to pass resolutions with workable time frame that will not only strengthen our capacity to dispense our core function of adjudication fairly and impartially to claim our rightful place in our society as an institution which shapes societal values,” she said

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