Defying logic

Albert Einstein has described insanity as doing the same thing, over again and hoping for a different outcome.

But what is even worse is the sheer lack of a conscience or moral fiber, where a person continues to repeat a mistake regardless and in spite of the knowledge of universal disaproval.

It is true that most known crooks steal money from Banks by using fraudulent misrepresentation then use technicality to justify their acts, but this does not make the theft any less reprehensible.

How for example could former Deputy Sports Deputy Minister Stephen Masumba and his newly acquired friends fault the Law Association of Zambia for suggesting a perfectly sound proposition for him to resign the position Member of Parliament after his conviction?

The Constitution of Zambia is very clear. Article 71(3) says that any MP convicted of a criminal offence can neither exercise their functions nor receive any remuneration as a member of the National Assembly.

For a start a person with a criminal conviction cannot stand as a Member of Parliament. The reason is simple leaders must be people of integrity. They must enjoy absolute respect of the people. No criminal has such respect.

Conviction is not simply the pronouncement of the court but a conviction of the mind.

There is no question or issue about Masumba attending Parliament. He cannot exercise any function associated with his membership of Parliament.

What is disconcerting about Masumba’s and other peoples conduct is their singular failure to observe the cardinal point of moral authority. They will steal money or exercise authority in the most obnoxious and divisive manner, then look for loopholes in the laws to justify their action.

It is as if some members of our society have no conscience, no regard for the truth and no respect for the sanctity of wholesomeness. Morality to them, does not exist, instead they use every opportunity must   to gain advantage or favor.

Truth does not and will not change. Equally morality does not and will not change because it is based on the immutable principles of truth.

Attempts to circumvent truth will invariably fail because moral authority is binding and persuasive regardless of the amount of propaganda that may be mounted to camouflage the reality.

So Mr. Masumba may blame the Law Association of Zambia, the court and indeed all those who testified against him, but this will not take away from the truth and the truth is that he has been found guilty of an offence which is punishable by law.

Once convicted the law must apply. The law states that he must relinquish his place and the remuneration that is attached. This in effect means that he can no longer represent the people in his constituency; the law will not allow him.

He is then left with the choice of either depriving the people of Mufumbwe representation while he waits for the final outcome which might as well confirm his guilt perhaps with an enhanced sentence or give way for a new person to take over to continue representing the people.

Technically, he can continue to hang on to the position but will this serve the best interest of the people in Mufumbwe? This is the question that his conscience must determine.