UNZA filth shocks Council

Filthy and overflowing toilets at the University of Zambia have shocked Lusaka City Council.

An inspection team that visited the university following the death of a student from suspected typhoid, a water borne disease found that hostels were overcrowded beyond capacity and without working toilets, showers and other sanitary facilities.

The team also found that many toilets at the institutions were blocked and could not flush while more than 100 students were using one toilet while showers were not functioning.

The council wondered why the University authorities have allowed the deplorable, life threating and untanable situation to exist at the highest level of academic excellence.

LCC spokesperson Henry Kapata described the situation as embarrassing and totally unbefitting of the high institution that the university was.

The council says the accumulation of faecal matters was uncharacteristic of such an institution adding that the disposal of solid waste by burning was not acceptable.

Kapata has also lashed out at the institution authorities for not subscribing to the solid management waste in order to have the accumulating waste collected.

During the tour of the institution, the council found that there were few functioning toilets and showers while at least 100 students were using one toilet.

The council team visited Soweto block 2 and Africa hostels where they found over crowded rooms with few functioning ablution services.

“The hygienic situation at the institution is pathetic. It is uncharacteristic of higher learning institution and unless something urgent is done to clean the place, there will be a break out of diseases” he said.

Last week one student died of suspected typhoid forcing the students to demonstrate.

LCC yesterday took samples of water and submitted them to the food and drugs laboratory for testing after disinfecting the toilets at the institution.

“We are concerned by the filthy found at the institution. We have disinfected the toilets and taken some samples for testing but much more needs to be done to ensure high levels of cleanness at the campus” Kapata said.

Population at the campus has increased mainly due to squatters who are renting rooms forcing several students to share a room meant for two people.

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  1. Please when you report stories of this nature, do the journalistic thing by accompanying it with some photos so we can have a visual of what you reporting on. Haven’t you heard? A picture is worth a thousand words.

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