Join the legal battle against Nchito, M’membe – Tayali

Petitioners seeking repayement of the K38billion DBZ loan owed by Director of public prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and Post newspapers owner Fred M’membe should join litigation in courts of law, says Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.

Tayali told the Daily Nation in an interview that the procedure they have taken to petition parliament was not as effective because the people at the centre stage of the K38 billion loan from the Development Bank of Zambia were critical to the PF inner circle of governance.

He said that the petition would not be taken seriously because the ministry of finance had been in the forefront of writing letters to Development Bank of Zambia to write off the loan.

Tayali observed that the best they could do was to seek a joined and be heard in the courts of law as that would help them on the matter.

“They should not forget that the Ministry of Finance has been sympathetic with the people involved in this loan. They have been writing letters to have the matter withdrawn  before the courts of law and for me I find it difficult to petition t he very institution that has been advocating for the withdrawal of  the matter from the courts of law to respond or take the matter seriously,” he said.

He said that there was nothing new or change that would allow the Ministry of Finance and parliament to hear them, “They will do better if they try a joined to the case because they are interested people in the matter. They should just prove they contribute to tax or they are taxed.”

Tayali said that the K14 billion which has now accumulated to K38 billion cases was surrounded by so much secrecy and had taken long to be disposed off from the courts of law.

He said that issue o f pleading with politicians to handle or state the position or status of the loan should not be encouraged as it would not offer any reasonable legal outcome to the matter.

“Join so that you take the legal way rather than pleading with the politicians.

You must know that the people of involved or implicated in this issue have a bid stake in the PF government and it is rare if this matter will be attended to,” said Tayali.