Am ready to testify-Komaki

Julius Komaki has said he is ready to testify against the people who savagely hacked him when the pro-Wynter Kabimba faction clashed with the Komaki group that left Moses Simuwela dead while several others were seriously injured.

Kamaki who is Lusaka PF acting disctrict chairman said the people who hacked him were known and that he was ready to testfy against them.

Komaki has said it was surprising that Patriotic Front secretary general Wynter Kabimba had never made a statement on the violence that claimed one life of a cadre leaving several injured.

And Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe has accused his Lusaka district acting chairman Julius Komaki of allegedly being a member of the United Party for National Development (UPND).

But Komaki has charged that he had been a PF strong member since its formation and that the accusations by Chumbwe were a desperate attempt to scandalise him so that he could be silenced on the demands of having Wynter Kabimba expelled from the party.

Komaki said he had joined the PF in 2001 and that people like Kabimba, Chumbwe, Goodson Banda and Kennedy Kamba only joined the ruling party after it had already been established.

“The records must be put straight. I joined PF in 2001 and have dedicated my life to this party and that is why I am ready to die for it. Chumbwe, Kabimba, Kamba joined me after the party had already been established and was strong. So let them know that am not going to leave the party to be destroyed by their selfish schemes. They are chancers,” Komaki said.

Komaki has also charged that Chumbwe should stop harassing and intimidating the police by writing letters accusing the police of bias in their conduct of their duties.

Komaki said if Chumbwe was genuine in his concerns about what was happening in the party, he should leave the police to professionally conduct their full investigations into the violence that occurred early this month where one cadre was murdered while several others including himself were hacked by a pro-Kabimba faction that had been against the endorsement of President Sata as the sole candidate for the 2016 elections.He has challenged the Lusaka Province chairman to come out in the open and deny accusations that he together with other embattled PF officials that they schemed the violence that claimed the life of Moses Simuwelu.He wondered in what capacity Chumbwe was lecturing the police on how to work adding it was ironical that a party member could find it prudent to accuse state police of taking sides in their investigations of the people who caused the violence on November 10, 2013.Komaki told the Daily Nation that for the first time in the history of democracy, state police had been diploid to man the offices of a political party in government and wondered who was paying the officers who had been diploid at the Lusaka PF district office. “Chumbwe is guilty and Zambians know for the fact that he, together the secretary general and some media house pushing their agenda of changing the leadership of the PF have been at the center of the wrangles going on in the ruling party. I was hacked as a leader at district level but Kabimba and Chumbwe never came to visit me while I was in hospital. What kind of leaders can they be? They are now interfering with the work of the police and we wonder where he is drawing his authority from to intimidate the police,” Kamaki said.Komaki has revealed that he was aware that Chumbwe and his group were planning to open a new district office in Chinika industrial area.He however said the new office Chumbwe and his group were planning to open was not for the ruling party but for the Fourth Republic Party to which Kabimba has been linked.

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  1. Who wouldn’t suppose for a moment that Julius Komaki does not deserve what happened to him?. Can any one truly believe that this chap did not have the most evil intentions when he went with his gang of thieves to the airport, that he was the one on the wrong end does not mean he is the innocent victim here. The lesson for him and others like him is that the evil things that we do will eventually get to affect us also. I suggest he takes a very long hard look at himself, wipe the tears away and work instead for the common good of this country. I wish leave him with this beautiful quote from Mother Theresa to reflect upon. She is famously quoted to have said “everything we do we should do it with love”. I hope Komaki can understand this because his appetite for revenge has nothing to do with love – he is a sadist and a bad one for that matter.

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