Forget new constitution-Saunders

The people of Zambia must forget about the enactment of a new constitution under the Patriotic Front government because the PF was unwilling to give Zambians what they were promised, says Political activist Dante Saunders.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Sunders said that Zambians were now tired with the PF’s continued schemes to fail the constitution, adding that the people of Zambia have already said  what they wanted  to be included  in the document.

He said that any further delays in the constitutional making process would seriously expose the PF’s lack of commitment to the people driven constitution and its desire to dictate the content of the law of the supreme land.

Saunders also observed that the PF and its leadership had shown serious trends of constant inconsistencies with regard to the constitution making process and governance in general by not caring or putting into considerations what others feel about their view point on so many governance issues.

“The problem that we have is where even the President has shown unwillingness to support and adopt progressive clauses that respond to the wishes of Zambians in the constitution under review. It is in this respect that I say that the PF government has lost the trust and confidence of the people because of it many lies and commitments it has failed to work on. It has been making fake promises hurting people today,” said Saunders.He said leaders like vice president Guy Scott had continued behaving as if they were still in the opposition by making unwarranted promises just like they did during the 2011 campaigns to win the elections.Saunders said Dr Scott’s promise that the government decision to publish only 10 copies of the new constitution were for ceremonial purposes did not make any sense because all Zambians and other interested stakeholders wanted to access the proposed constitution simultaneously. “They have shown all the signs that a good constitution is not coming. Remember Sata had even openly refused good clauses such as the Presidential running mate and the 50 plus one percent. They have failed to adhere to any timeline and they are at loggerheads with the technical committee mandated to work on the constitution. From these, an observer like me notes so many consistent inconsistencies that point to the idea that a good constitution is not coming. We are doomed once again,” he said.He said the promise of a good constitution was one of the failed pledges that President Sata had tabled before Zambians in his days as an opposition leader.

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  1. Only a combined effort by the opposition parties,NGOs,Churches,human rights and political activists will compel the PF to stop frustrating the constitution-making process.If there’s no unity the PF will not bother to let the Technical Committee to complete the task.

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