Don’t tell us what to do-Police

The Zambia police has said it will conduct thorough investigations into the November 10 Patriotic Front (PF) violence that left Moses Simuwelu dead while several others were seriously injured including the ruling party’s Lusaka district acting vice chairman Julius Komaki who was hacked in the intra-party fracas.

Police have said it would not it shall not take instructions from anyone on how to conduct its investigations because the institution was professional and would undertake its mandated duties without due influence from any quarter.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga said the police have not taken sides with any of the warring factions in the PF and that accusations from some members of the ruling party that the police had exhibited biasness in their investigations were baseless.

On Friday, PF Lusaka Province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe accused the police in dealing with violence that has rocked the ruling party with the pro-Wynter Kabimba faction clashing with the Komaki group that has been demanding for the expulsion of the Justice Minister from the ruling party.

Chumbwe in his letter to the Inspector General of Police and copied to President Michael Sata, Kabimba and Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu, Chumbwe accused the police of siding with some people in their investigations into the violence.

Yesterday, Komaki said he was ready to testify against the people who savagely hacked him stating -the people who attacked him were known.

But Munganga told the Daily Nation that the police were a professional institution that would not be told how to conduct its investigations saying the accusation by Chumbwe were nothing but personal opinion.

She said the investigations into the PF violence that resulted into the death of Simuwela had reached advanced stage and all the suspects would have to face the law.

She said the arrests of the suspects would depend on the outcome of the investigations and procedure shall be followed in their conduct of investigations.

“We are professional and we have not taken sides in investigating the PF violence. We are following the law and procedure and we shall not be told how to do our job. As long as the people we are investigating were involved in the violence that led to the death of a person, we shall arrest them. The action we shall take will depend on the outcome of our investigations,” Munganga said.

And Munganga has said the police have blocked the reopening of the PF Lusaka district office to avoid a possible clash between the two warring factions in the ruling party.

She said the PF district office would remain closed until the wrangles in the ruling party were resolved.