Sata warned

President Michael Sata should not take Zambians for granted by trashing the final draft of the constitution insinuating that Zambia did not need a new Constitution after so much money has been spent on the current process.

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe said it was becoming clear now that Sata and the Patriotic Front government had been lying to the Zambian people on delivering a new Constitution.

Ntewewe said the Zambian people could have a President whose attitude on national issues was erratic with flip-flopping statements on all matters including serious issues to deal with the Constitution.

“The reality is dawning on the Zambians that Sata have never meant a word in his pronouncement but he must also know the reality that there is no substitution to releasing the final draft of the constitution to the people and begin putting together a Referendum Commission to manage the next level of the constitution making process. President Sata should not dare the people of Zambia after he actually constituted the Technical Committee of experts drafting the Constitution and wants to flip flop with the people’s minds,” he said.

He said Sata was on record promising the Zambian people a people driven constitution which should replace the current law previous governments had failed to deliver.

“He (Sata) is the one who appointed the Technical Committee to draft the new law, and if it was only about amendments, why did he spend so much money and expertise on simple alterations? Who should the Zambians hold accountable for the K115 million spent so far on the process?” he questioned.

Ntewewe has called on all opposition political parties to help sensitise he people on a vicious course of action to fight the unacceptable suggestions made by President Sata in Mansa over the weekend.

“They went to the international community to ask for funds for the constitution process so why should they U-turn on the referendum?  And the PF manifesto is very clear about the formation of a new constitution which should be adopted through a National Referendum, he said.

He wondered why the donor community was quiet on the matter of the constitution when they should be pushing government over the plight of the poor people being bullied over their new Law.

“We are calling on all peace loving Zambians to stand up and fight against these manoeuvres from the PF government who have already spent billions of tax payers’ money and more funding from the donors in the current process,” he said.

He charged that the PF had been spending huge amounts of tax payers money in funding unnecessary by-elections to strengthen their hold in Parliament so that they win the majority vote in the House.

He explained that Zambians were anxiously awaiting the new Constitution and would not allow any selfish motives to drive the course of creating the new law of the Republic of Zambia.

President Sata on Saturday said Zambia did not need a constitution and that if there were any defectives in the current constitution, they could only be corrected by amendments.