Deal with the murderers – Simuwela

The family to slain PF cadre Moses Simuwelu has demanded that the culprits involved in the murder of their son be brought to book and have complained about the secrecy that has enveloped the investigations of the PF members that took part in the violence that led to the death of their relative.

Simuwelu has said it was shocking that the PF cadres that were involved in the fracas when the two PF rival factions clashed along Kenneth Kaunda International Airport road had been arrested and charged with misdemeanors such as proposing violence and assault.

Simuwelu has insisted that a lot of information was being hidden from the family especially after a named PF official attempted to smuggle the body from the morgue at Levy Mwanawa Hospital in an effort to bury their crime from the family.

And Simuwelu has denied assertions suggesting that it was his family that proposed a third post mortem to ascertain the real cause of his nephew’s death but some concerned members of the public.

Uncle to the late Lucky Simuwelu told the Daily Nation that it was evident that the culprits including Moses’ friends were hiding information on what exactly happened on that fateful day.

He said he had faith in the Zambia Police and hoped that they would carry out their work professionally to bring the culprits to book.

Simuwelu further revealed that late Moses’ friends from the neighbourhood knew exactly what happened on that fateful day but were keeping the information away from the family.

He said the family was still waiting for the third postmortem results and that the results would determine the next step.