New oxygen machine arrives at UTH tomorrow

 The long awaited Oxygen Plant for the University Teaching Hospital arrives tomorrow from South Africa were it was being assembled.

UTH managing director Dr Lackson Kasonka said the plant which left South Africa on Saturday was expected to arrive in the country by Wednesday.

Dr Kasonka said the construction works at the new housing unit for the plant was already finished and was only waiting for the arrival of the new equipment.

“We are expecting the new plant to be here by Wednesday this week. We know that the plant left South Africa over the weekend and we are expecting it to pass through our borders soon,” he said.

Last year, the government released funds for the purchase of a new oxygen plant for the largest hospital in the country to replace the old plants that suffered constant breakdowns.He said the hospital was currently operating on portable cylinders which had limited oxygen capacity for a hospital as big as the UTH stating that with the new equipment, the system would use the in-built system to supply the operations and sensitive cases.Government facilitated the procurement of the multi-million dollar modern equipment after the old plant became absolute and had to be replaced. He told the Daily Nation that the hospital has continued to experience problems with unclaimed bodies of the brought-in-dead and those that died at the facility.There have been reports of unclaimed bodies owing to the high funeral costs and transport which many families resolve to abandoning their relations’ bodies at mortuaries.