Corruption fight has collapsed

The fight against corruption has collapsed and the anti corruption commission is a toothless and irrelevant structure that is wasting tax payers money.

Chairman of African Parliamentarians against corruption told parliament yesterday that the fight against corruption under President Stat was a total disaster, “they started well but we were being treated to a donchi kubeba.”

He cited oil procurement as an area where corruption had gone unabated and without investigation.

“Companies that were said to be corrupt and aligned to former republican president Rupiah Banda are now the ones with contracts to supply oil to this country inc circumstances that cannot be explained.”

H said that the contract from Trafigura was now transferred to Dalbit, a company which had been accused of corruption.

And Sikoongo Member of Parliament, Mundia Ndalamei, said the ACC was wasting tax payers money failing to investigate clear cases of corruption. “This government is fighting corruption by mouth because corrupt ministers were still being retained.  That is why the ACC is irrelevant because it is not meeting the needs of society by failing to investigate corruption.”

Earlier Mr. Mweetwa called on government to give a free hand to the ACC to introduce remuneration that was attractive and therefore an incentive to investigating officers to undertake their work effectively.

Other MPs also cited cases of corruption related to the procurement practices in the World Tourism Conference, where some projects have come to a halt although not completed.

Projects, they said were given to cadres who were not competent. These included road markings which were executed wrongly and street lighting work which had not been completed as the project had stalled.