Explain $15.6m corruption deal

The Government should clearly explain the irregular single sourcing of the 42,000 metric tonnes of Prilled Urea fertiliser worth $15.6 million from a Chinese company.

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said President Sata should come out clean and show transparency in the manner the Chinese fertiliser deal in which the Head of State has been named was conducted.

A Chinese company, Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group International Trading Co.Ltd has been single sourced to supply another 42,000 metric tonnes of Prilled Urea fertilizer apart from what is being sourced from Saudi Arabia and President Sata has been named in the scandal.

The new scandal follows hot on the heels of the Saudi Arabian fertilizer purchase which the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is reportedly investigating.

In an internal memo dated August 23, 2013 and captioned quotation for supply of Urea fertilizer from Shanxi Jinchng Anthracite Mining Group International Trading of Shanxi Province in China and addressed to Siakalenge, Sichinga said he found the proposal from the Chinese company to supply Urea fertilizer at the rate of US$372 per metric tonne the lowest offer.

But Fr Bwalya has warned President Sata and his ministers that time for reckoning was coming that that the PF and its leadership would have to be ready to face the law when out of government.

Fr Bwalya has said the proclamation by President Sata that he was allergic to corruption was nothing but a false claim meant to deceive Zambians that the PF government was serious about the fight against corruption.

The ABZ leader observed that the PF government had deliberately delayed the purchase of fertiliser and other inputs to have an excuse to single so that they could fundraise for the 2016 general elections.

“President Sata must come out clean on this corruption scandal. He should explain himself the role he played in the single sourcing of the Chinese company that is going to supply 42, 000 metric tonnes of Urea fertiliser worth $15.6 million or Zambians will have a good reason to believe that the President is the captain of corruption, Fr Bwalya said.

He explained that the PF government would continue to create confusion in all public sectors where there was a lot of money in procurement so that they could engage themselves in illegal deals.

Fr Bwalya has appealed to all public officers to safely keep all the information and documents regarding the corruption among the PF leaders including President Sata because the information would be needed after the change of government in 2016.

He has warned the Ministers and other senior government officials in the PF government against being used by President Sata in corrupt deals saying when the time for reckoning comes, the Head of State would not be there to defend them.

“We just want to urge public officers to keep safe all the information and documents they have about the corruption in PF and President Sata because we shall need that information in 2016. But we are warning ministers that are being used by Sata in his corrupt deals keep away because he will not be there to defend them when the time for reckoning dawns,” Fr Bwalya said.