Prof Chirwa gives govt ultimatum

Former Zambia Railways managing director Clive Chirwa has threatened to renounce his citizenship and become stateless if Patriotic Front (PF) government does not return his passport within the next 24 hours.

Professor Chirwa who is facing corruption charges in the courts of law has charged that if his passport was not released immediately, he would walk away as a freedom fighter to remember those who gave their lives for the freedom of Zambia.

Professor Chirwa said while many Zambians were shocked by the blatant acts of corruption in Zambia, he was stitched with accusations of corruption when he was an innocent citizen.

He complained that it was sad that people were taking the pleasure of framing others and charging them with tramped up charges purely for reason of egotism and self gratification at the expense of democracy.

Prof Chirwa regretted having accepted to come and serve Zambia when President Michael called him to come back home and take over the directorship of Zambia Railways.

Prof Chirwa said Zambia and the PF government had never appreciated his contribution he had committed himself to make and that it was painful that the government had not given him the freedom to allow him to travel back to the United Kingdom to see and unite with his family.

“It is with this gratitude and humbleness that I request my beloved country that has never appreciated my contribution to let me go so that I could have the freedom I enjoyed before I answered a call from his Excellency to come and help my people.  Am calling upon the government to issue me with my passport so that I can travel. If my passport is not given within the next 24 hours, I will denounce my Zambian citizenship and become stateless for the good of the Zambian people,” Prof Chirwa said.The former Zambia Railways chief said he had sacrificed his lucrative job in the Diaspora from which he was earning millions of dollars to come and serve Zambia but that he had ended up being a pariah in his own country.


2 thoughts on “Prof Chirwa gives govt ultimatum

  1. Prof Chirwa was warned but he thought he was clever.
    People warned him to stay way from PF and stick to UPND but he decided to go to bed with a serpent. Enjoy the suffering Prof because that’s what you chose.

  2. This Chirwa man, he is just a problem. Really what did he do why dont you expadite his case so that we put things behind?Keeping his pass ports and denying him to see his family is not a good thing to. Its the best example of what not to do in governance and the judicial dispensation in democratic country like ours. Mupeleni ama documents yakwe aleya! If you decided to have the cases withdrawn then what are you doing with his papers?

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