Lozis under state of emergency?

Government has been challenged to explain if it has declared a state of emergency in Western Province following the continued heavy presence of security personnel in the region after the release of 54 Lozis who had been charged with treason.

The challenge was thrown by former Prime Minister in the UNIP administration General Malimba Masheke who said the situation was currently creating a lot of tension in the area.

The residence of the former Ngambela, Clement Sinyinda was released from jail two weeks ago under treason charges is reorted to have been surrounded by heavly armed police and the people of Mongu are wodering if the police have been deploid at his (Sinyinda) home were protecting him or the man was under house arrest.

Masheke also challenged the area MP Nathaniel Mubukwanu and Gender Minister Inonge Wina to show good leadership by coming up in open and tell the people what the PF government was thinking about Lozis.

Security is reported to have been tightened in many parts of Mongu and near the premises of former Ngambela Clement Sinyinda’s who was recently released from detention.

Masheke said that it was unacceptable to subject the people of Western Province to torture and oppression instead of letting them to enjoy peace and stability just like any other citizens in the country.

He wondered why the government had beefed up security which was now causing disturbances and fear among innocent people in the name of maintaining order when the people in the region were peaceful.

Masheke however demanded for an explanation from PF members hailing from Western Province to explain the logic behind the presence of security personnel because it violated people’s human rights.

He said that there was nothing wrong with the people welcoming their leader, when they were not violent.  “There is no curfew in this country to compel the PF government to continue intimidating and threatening innocent citizens with the presence of heavy security, particularly in Western Province. One can wonder if the country is declared a state emergency, I think we have to inform us so that we are not caught up in surprise. “What have the people of Western Province done to deserve all this oppression and we are demanding from the PF members to tell the people about their intentions rather than exhibiting ignorance to innocent citizen,” he said.

Reports have revealed that there was still tight security in Mongu since Thursday last week, with police officers in riot gear deployed everywhere, to disperse crowds that were in support of Sinyinda.

However, youths are reported to have remained vigilant because they are not sure whether the security was meant to protect Sinyinda or whether the man was under house arrest.

Last week, hundreds of people flocked to Mongu airport to receive Sinyinda and all the streets were filled up with police officers in riot gear but their presence caused tensions.