Mandela was a political saint

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has described one of the world’s most revered statesmen and a golbal symbol of resistance to aparthied, Nelson Mandela as a political saint who had belonged to a rare species of political leaders.

Father Bwalya said Mandela had earned his political sainthood by performing miracles of selfleness, forgiveness, tolerance and building humanity, the virtues that are lacking in some of the leaders in the world.

Fr Bwalya has said political leaders should emulate and strive to live up the leadership standards Mandela had set such as the vritues of fighting for a more united humanity and a world of mutual understanding as well as love.

He said in a statment obtained by the Daily Nation that Mandela’s political life should be a lesson to leaders to learn to know when to leave the stage of leading and that those who were in leadership should graciously leave power in a manner that would promote continuity for the good of the organisations they were leading.

The ABZ leader said he had learnt from Mandela that imprisonment and persecution could never crash a well-intetioned cause such as the eradication of discrinimnation and social injustices.

Fr Bwalya has called on political leaders to continue to fight for a more united humanity and a world filled with mutual understanding.

He explained that no one was talking about Mandela as a rebel leader because the former South African president had only reorted to armed struggle when it became clear that the violence against the black South Africans and other discriminated races would never stop without removing the violent and inhuman regime that perpetrated the vice.

Fr Bwalya has appealed to President Michael Sata to cultivate a culture of forgiveness and tolerance and pardon all the dismissed nurses so that the could be reinstated unconditionally.

He said President Sata should show the compassion that made the nurses vote for him in 2011 adding that the action of forgiving the fired nurses would not be viewed as a sign of weakness but that it would a sign of inner strength and goodwill on the part of the President.  “Nelson Madiba Mandela is a political saint. He belonged to a rare species of political leaders. He earned his political sainthood by performing miracles of selflessness, forgiveness, tolerance and building humanity. We mourn the loss and celebrate the gift of life to the world,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said from the time had visited Mandela’s prison cell on the once infamous Robben Island in April in 2003 where he (Mandela) was imprisoned for 27 years, the former South African president had been his second Christ.    He said Mandela desire for a just and united society had inspired his (Fr Bwalya) political life stating that his forgiving heart proved the exisitence a huge measure of divinity in the immortalised global icon who died at 95 in his sleep on Teusday.  Fr Bwalya said Mandela lived trully to the Biblical adage that to erro was human and to forgive was devine. Fr Bwalya said he was praying that the spirit of Mandela would continue to hover over the world so that it could influence public service and politics in particular.