Simuwela’s father demands justice

It is shocking that known people who were involved in the PF violence that left my son murdered were arrested and charged with lesser offences and latter released, Roderick Simuwely, the father to late Moses Simuwelu has said.

Moses Simuwelu who was killed in the Patriotic Front (PF) violent clashes between the pro-Wynter Kabimba faction and the Julius Komaki group that has been demanding the expulsion of the Justice Minister from the ruling party.

 Simuwelu has accused some people in the ruling party of attempting to frustrate the investigations into the circumstances that led to the death of his son.

Simuwelu has said he was shocked that some people were demanding a third postmortem when the results of an independent autopsy had confirmed that his son had suffered from bruising on his left ribs before he died.

He said the family was strongly opposed to a third postmortem but some people within the government system had insisted for a third postmortem and wondered why it had taken more than two weeks to conduct the final postmortem.

He said his family was of the view that some government officials were deliberately frustrating the investigation process and that he was hopeful that the truth would eventually come out so that the people responsible for the death of his son could face the wrath of the law.

He said no amount of intimidation or bribery would make him change his demands to know the people who had brutally killed his son.

He told the Daily Nation from Nakonde yesterday that police knew the people who killed his son but that some officials within the ruling party were frustrating the investigations to protect the culprits.

He wondered what government was planning by allowing a third postmortem to be conducted stating that his family was anxiously waiting to know what the state was planning to do with the results of the third postmortem.

Simuwela complained that the death of his son Moses was a big loss to his family considering that the young man was only in grade nine.

“As a family, we strongly objected to the demands by some people to conduct a third postmortem but some people within government insisted for it.  We already know that my son was killed when there was that violence in the PF and the police know the people who were involved. What is surprising is that the people who were involved in the violence that led to the death of my son were arrested and charged with simple comon offences of assault and proposing violence and we do not know what they are planning now.

But as a family, we are going to continue pressing for the truth,” Simuwelu said.

He said the people who were thinking and attempting to bribe him were wasting their time because no amount of money would ever be enough to compensate him for the loss of his son.