Oppressive PF has killed good governance-Chipimo

The wieght of oppression and bad leadership under the Patriotic Front (PF) administration has left too many  Zambians struggling,” the National Restoration Party (NAREP) has observed.

NAREP president Elias Chipimo has said time for wishy-washy kind of leadership should come to an end and that the health sector had compltely been messed up by a government that had ascended to power using false promises.

Chipimo said his party had categorically blamed the PF government for the for the current disarray in the health sector and that the impasse could have been avoided had the nurses and the general citzenry been dealing with a government that kept its promises.

He said the health services had been deteriorating since the PF assumed government more than two years ago staing that wards that were staffed with five nurses in major hospitals had been reduced to being supervised by one nurse.

He told the Daily Nation that the nurses had been reduced to dispensing medicine ninstead of practising noble profession nursing and caring for ptients.

Chipimo said when the first salary adjustment were undertaken, the nurses were awarded very low salaries compared to general workers and that this act did not motivate workers who were taking care of human life.

He said the nurses had gone on strilke because they relaised that government did not value their eforts and that they had decided to call of their work stoppage after government had pleaded and strongly pledged that they would rectfy the salary anomalies.

“Consistent with all other promises, the salary discrepancies for the nurses were not corrected and this prompted to the second strike which saw government taking drastic measures of dismissing all the nurses who participated in the work stoppage. The time for wishy-washy leadership must surely come to an end. Too many people are struggling under the weight of the oppression of bad leadership under the PF administration as evidenced by the poor handling of the strike by the nurses,” Chipimo said.

Chipimo has appealed to government to immediately reinstate the fired nurses unconditionally, accept responsibility for its poor handling of their legitimate concerns about their salary adjustments and embark on a humble but committed course of genuine dialogue.

Chipimo said it was doubtful that the PF had the wisdom to take a humble path to resolve the crisis in the health sector considering the amont of damage that had been caused in the sector.

He advised that it was not in the interest of the country and its citizens to continue creating joblessness by laying off nurses who were genuinely demanding better conditions of service from a government that was more concerned about the welfare of the ministers and senior civil servants.

“We are witnessing double standards of the highest order by our republican president Michael Sata who has been threatening to deport investors who were planning to lay off workers while he (Sata) is happily presiding over the firing of his own civil servants in a critical sector of development. Having sacked nearly available money from circulation through a bloated governance structure, unnecessary by-elections, lack of trransprency insfrastructure contracts, we are about to enter 2014 on a high debt, rising uneployment and a divided governance administration that keep on backtracking on key election promises,” Chipimo said.