The lunatic fringe

President Michael Sata must be very wary of his newly acquired fringe of friends and praise singers.

This is a lunatic fringe that lacks even in the most basic of ethical or moral values. They are men without principle, morality nor indeed professional ethics, least of all civility.

Only a few months ago they called President Sata all manner of names and epithets.  Editorials were devoted to his lack of intellectual capacity, finesse and character to become President of the Republic of Zambia. It will be wrong for Mr. Sata to believe that their ill regard for him has changed, what have changed are the circumstances and given an opportunity they will happily revert and revile him. Time will tell.

President Sata must always be mindful that this fringe has wrought immense pain, grief and anguish to all former Presidents of this country without exception. Kenneth Kaunda was labeled a cobalt thief, Chiluba a thief, Mwanawasa a buffoon and more recently Rupiah Banda another corrupt leader.

This fringe is the exact antithesis of the values that have propelled Nelson Mandela to the global icon that every leader would aspire to. They preach hate where Mandela preached love, they preach vengeance where Mandela preached reconciliation but more importantly they connive and manipulate judicial system to their advantage where Mandela stood for integrity and wholesomeness.

Mandela is revered, because he preached the message of love, hope and reconciliation. These are positive attributes of humanity. He embraced his jailers, embraced De Klerk and even visited the widow of apartheid architect Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd in  the white homeland of  Orania- a town populated exclusively by white Afrikaners, who have withdrawn from the modern South Africa, and are now trying to build their own, racially pure homeland..

Without being sacrilegious Mandela was like Christ he embraced humanity. Like Christ he dined with the tax collectors, prostitutes and “heathens.”

He was not like the Pharisees who tied heavy burdens and pronounced themselves holier than thou in spite of being crooks, thieves and forgers.

President Mandela has an enduring place in History because he realized and practiced the belief that an ounce in humility was worth more than a ton in brute force.

We have no right to choose friends for the President, but he must know that history repeats itself. His friends have tasted power and they know the benefit which includes manipulation of the judiciary, banks and other systems of governance. These are hypocrites who steal billions by technicality and feign innocence. They blame the system and seek refuge in corporate law.

This is a lunatic fringe, a danger to this country.



One thought on “The lunatic fringe

  1. You are right. Zambia has been betrayed by these pipo who are close to the current President. But what i don’t understand is that these Presidents don’t learn from each others mistake. When President Sata was in opposition, he pointed out many mistakes that the then Presidents were making yet he can’t avoid that. Let him remember that the People of Zambia voted for PF not because it was giong to be a good party in government, but because they were tired of MMD.
    The current administration must also see to what is happening around the world politically. In India, the government stopped listening to people but now it is feeling the impact of arrogancy as it has lost many seats even to a newly formed party called the AAP. Zambia is not immuned to this as i can see another big change in 2016 with or without the new constitution. What people expected is not what is happening. Whether they recruit these young men now, it is too late because the same young men will turn against them as it has happened in many countries. We are not fighting for political independence but economic independence.The zambian people will never be cheated especially the youths. Zambia is experiencing a lot of economic drawback because of poor economic management by those intrusted to work on our behalf.
    Arresting and imprisoning of people is not a solution but creating even more problems. The government should focus on how it can deliver and to all provinces and at what time fertilizers is ready to our large employing sector in zambia which is agriculture. From 2001-2011 zambiaa experienced economic boom because of good MMD policies which were initiated by the NEAL DEAL ADMINISTRATION led by the late President Mwanawasa( M.S.R.I.P) and former President Pupiah Bwezani Banda(A President for all Zambians) Please mr. President take a page from these 2 Presidents you will be greatly remembered in the history of zambia than been dribled by a few who are taking advantage. The President must remember that the same people he is dinning with in state house, will also reveal to the incoming President in 2016 to keep their jobs.

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