Eastern Wise Council meet on

A consultative meeting of the Eastern Wise Council (EWC) has been planned for Chipata on December 15 at which current and former MPs hailing from the region have been invited.

The council steering committee spokesperson Stephen Sakala, said  however that delegates attending the meeting will be required to pay for their own lodging, food and other logistics.

Sakala said it was important for the invited delegates to attend the meeting which had been postponed from November 23 due to the Mansa by-election in which prominent Easterners were involved.

And ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said his party was looking forward to the meeting because he believed the people of Eastern Province have been grossly abused as sacrificial lambs in the fake corruption fight in Zambia.


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  1. It is disturbing every day i wake up only to read about an Easterner locked up for no apparent reason. Our dear former President for all Zambians can’t even enjoy his retirement because of selfish activities by those close to the body of the regime. The people of eastern province will not be cheated by such baseless accusations. I wish i was around, i was going to attend this important meeting and my humble advise to those who will meet is that after the meeting, go out to people and explain what is happening in zambia as regards eastern province. Remember that Mangani really betrayed us in 2011 but now he is suffering the worst. Can you imagine that the President appointed him a provincial chairman not even a third secretary at the mission. Well, he must learn from his mistakes he committed.
    When Mwanawasa came to power in 2001, he realised that eastern was important in zambian politics and decided to work with us and delivered almost all seats to MMD which were under UNIP and those that we lost in 2006, the differences were too small. Our people understood what we told them and i believe that they will again understand what is going on in zambia as regards the easterners that have been fired by sata after using them.
    Remember that many people from Muchinga and Northern provinces involved in corruption are saints and some have even insulted. (tendalama shabanoko). If that insult was from an easterner, he was going to receive 50 years imprisonment with hard labour. But the zambian people are not foolish and that they are just waiting for 2016 to come fast. I’m aware that many seats in the province will be nalified but let me assure that in 2016 things are changing for the better in all provincies including muchinga because they are also tired of being accussed of tribalism.
    Lastly. MMD, UPND and other political parties must unite and work together as opposition. Let them stop fighting each other but instead, they must support one another in these hard times. Keep on pushing for a new constitution no matter what because the people were promised that it was going to be ready in 90 days and this is an added advantage to the opposition.There has been no party that has failed like PF in just less than one term. My appeal to my fellow youths is that don’t be cheated by these old people because their time is over and don’t allow them to destroy our Nation. Wake up and get to the occassion. Don’t be violent but follow Ghandi and Mandela’s examples. Keep voicing out on behalf of those that are suffering under this regime.

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