PF most corrupt party in history says Syakalima

The revelations by Auditor General Anna Chifungula that two Patriotic Front deputy ministers abused Constituency Development Fund was not shocking but a sign of high levels of indiscipline and corruption in the PF government, says former UPND Siavonga Member of Parliament Douglas Syakalima.

In an interview Syakalima congratulated Chifungula for being courageous to expose two deputy ministers in Patriotic Front government for abuse of public resources.

“This is a brave woman. She is one in a million. She has done the correct and rare thing which other women holding similar positions have failed. I have in mind the Anti- Corruption Commission director general Rosewin Wandi who has failed to tell Zambians the charges Wynter Kabimba was facing.

She has failed, todate to tell us what has happened with the consecrated accounts at the Bank of Zambia where Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and his friends have looted the accounts. She has failed to inform Zambians allegations of corruption in the procurement of oil involving PF ministers. Instead she is being shielding these characters and their allies,” said Syakalima.

Syakalima said that his party was not shocked to see PF ministers being ordered to pay back the money they have abused because it was the nature of the PF government and its leadership.

He said that the PF had a very weird and not straight forward history when it comes to funds, adding that he would not be shocked again over the revelations that would come out from the Road Development Agency which has  been moved from the Minister of Works and Supply to State House.

Auditor General Anna Chifungula on Monday exposed Deputy Minister of Labour Ronald Chitotela and his counterpart from the ministry of Agriculture Rodgers Mwewa to have abused and misappropriated Constituency Development Fund for their two respective constituencies.

Chifungula ordered that the money must be paid forthwith, in order to be used for intended programmes.

She demanded that the two deputy ministers accused of misusing public funds should pay back.

She also expressed shock that the two deputy ministers indicated that they paid over K250 browsing searching for where they could procure the second hand vehicles which they have turned into ambulances.

The auditor general recently released a report on the utilization of constituency development funds in which glaring irregularities were revealed.

But Syakalima has asked the security wings to show interest in the revelations by the Auditor General over the abuse of public funds by the deputy ministers.

“Let the police, ACC and DEC get involved into this matter. We know that there have been so many pronouncements by the PF government in the fight against corruption and the best t hey can show is its commitment to the graft fight,” he said