Evil knows no bounds

Our country is in desperate need of an exorcism to rid it of the evil spirit that is threatening our hard won democratic credentials and privileges.

What is happening in the legal fraternity where serious divisions have erupted does not bode well for the country and its nascent democracy.  We must learn the lesson taught by failed states in Africa where the Judiciary was assailed, compromised and then incapacitated.

Where the judiciary is compromised strife is at hand, because the only civilized route for settling disputes is eliminated leaving the use of brute force and pressure for might to triumph and rule. In these countries moral authority stands for nothing.

We are slowly reaching that point.

That is why what is happening in the legal fraternity is a matter of very serious concern because it very easily marks the beginning of the end of our very highly cherished legal system that has stood Zambia in very good stead. 

Sadly the genesis the current strife has well known beginnings. The current differences are but a tip of the serious rot that has permeated our country and whose genesis lies in the judiciary and the manner in which systems have been manipulated to exact retribution against real and perceived enemies by those who enjoy political favor.

Our judiciary which should be about the law and not the person has totally lost the plot. The much touted judicial reforms were but a ruse to allow for the current rot, perpetrated by a lunatic fringe.

Sadly, very often the legal profession has stood insular and seemingly disaffected when extreme cases of abuse of authority have been brought to their attention, choosing to be civil and civilized against an adversary that is neither ethical, moral nor civil.

 What is maturing today are years of indifference. The fractures and schisms in the legal fraternity have taken close to 14 years to develop and mature. With each infarction and abuse tolerated, the capacity and propensity for more abuse has grown. Derogations have become the norm than the exception.

We have come full circle to the UNIP one party days when the party ruled supreme over all organs of governance.  Those who wield power and their doyens have demanded more derogation, making them. Sadly there is precious little little any one can do because derogations have  synthesized into accepted precedence.

Mandela, a lawyer, is an icon because he refused to embrace evil. He refused to compromise when principle was violated. He refused to accept apartheid even though it was in the law books. Those who fight for the rule of law, integrity of justice and common decency, should not fear to be devoured by the evil lunatic fringe that has descended on our country. The day of liberation is near.It is not too late.  The situation is not beyond redemption but it requires decisiveness.  It requires fortitude, courage and above all tenacity because the enemy has power and resources on his side, but in weakness lies strength as Mandela has taught us.  An ounce of humility will defeat a ton of force.Many Zambians are looking up to LAZ to do the right thing in the interest of the nation and posterity. Our humble appeal is for a determined effort to wrestle back the initiative from the evil dark forces that threaten to suffocate the light of truth, justice and equity.