Sacking of nurses at UTH has affected operations of health services

Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has complained that the sacking of the more than 200 nurses at University Teaching Hospital and other major hospitals in the country has affected operations at local health facilities.

Sampa said the complaints that operations at Chingwere Clinic had been affected were as a result of understaffing which the Ministry of Community Development was well aware of but had not yet addressed.

He explained that as far as he was concerned, his office had already written to the ministry to request for more nurses to the facility because of the huge catchment area that the clinic is responsible for.

“As the area MP, there is very little I can do about it. My hands are tied and I cannot do much,” Sampa said.

He explained that his office had already written to the Ministry of Community Development for consideration of posting more nurses to the clinic.

He explained that the recent strike action at UTH had affected operations at most health centres as the nurses did not attend to their duties adequately, and that the situation was beyond his control.

“What I can do as MP I manage. We recently managed to paint the clinic with help from the Chinese Ambassador who donated K30,000 and we recently managed to fumigate the whole clinic after increased complaints of cockroaches, including at George Clinic among others.  This I can do,” Sampa said.

He was responding to increased public complaints about the continued staffing problems at the clinic where patients were forced to spend long hours in queues without any medical attention.

Some Matero residents complained that patients were forced to go back home without being attended to after waiting on long queues with only one medical officer and one nurse on duty.

Martha Kapambwe of SOS Lusaka North complained that she was at the clinic for the second day on Sunday because her child could not be seen the previous day.