Fighting the Truth

The lunatic fringe has finally had their day knowing that they have sent some of their strongest critics to police cells. 

And if the intention was to intimidate us into submission, nothing of the sort is likely to take place, if anything our resolve and that of all concerned is even more resolute.

We are not surprised by the desperation of the cartel, the lunatics who pull the puppet strings of government.  Their actions, are the actions of bullies.  Serial bullies, who like serial killers are always looking for the next victim.

Serial bullies are individuals who are  “ …..embittered by an abusive upbringing, seething with resentment, irritated by others’ failure to fulfil their  superior sense of entitlement, and fuelled by anger resulting from rejection.  The serial bully displays an obsessive, compulsive and self-gratifying urge to displace their uncontrolled aggression onto others whilst exhibiting an apparent lack of insight into their behavior and its effect on people around them.”

Over the years the cartel has tried to carefully craft a veil of being protagonists of virtue, and for some time this theme resonated with the Zambian people, as was the case with Dr. Chiluba whom they robbed of a rich and powerful legacy by their sheer guile and manipulation of the media.

But with time, the nation has seen through the deception and have decided that they will no longer aide the cartel in their dishonest and evil intentioned schemes to commit daylight robbery as they malign those who have thwarted their carefully crafted plans, and exposed them for what they real are –  fraudsters.

They have over the years been rubbing their hands spoiling for the day when they could send Sakala and others who stand on a similar cause to prison, and hopefully to silence.

But they should know and realise that they and their cronies can cage the body but not the spirit.

Truth, honesty and transparency have always been our hallmark and we shall stand for the truth as we pursue justice and equity with integrity.

The detention of Richard Sakala of the Daily Nation does not come as a surprise to us. We knew it will one day happen and we were ready for it, so is Sakala.

Reporting the truth is an important goal for professional journalists whose reputation depends on it. Laws that work to stifle journalists from reporting in environments that are often contradictory and rapidly developing should not be entertained.

It has always been our fear that the government will one day exploit national security to punish critical journalists, journalists whose duty has been to the citizens who are entitled to know how their government leaders were governing them.

Instead of using charges of anti-state offences to silence Sakala and other voices carrying out their noble duties, government and the officials should consider dialogue, transparency and the enactment of the many laws the profession of journalism has been crying for.

While the cartel has been busy hero worshipping in their stealthy ways to hide their propensity to loot public properties and monies, we have been steady in our resolve to report the truth and nothing but the truth.

In our quest for transparency and sincerity, we have stepped on people’s toes, we have stood on hill tops to cry for the repayment of billions of public funds stolen from the citizens.

Slander, victimization and harassment from the lunatic fringe, which has called us names, scandalized and marginalized us will never kill the spirit to rid the country of their type.

We will repeat and appeal to the President once again to choose friends carefully, because his friends are the “unusual suspects”, who smile at their victims and sing platitudes to put them at their ease, like the proverbial rat, which soothes as it nibbles at your toes. Before you know it your whole toe has been eaten away.

We are neither afraid, nor intimidate, nor are we about to be shut up.  We are resolved to stand for truth and justice.

Perhaps the words of Martin Luther King are instructive in this regard.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”


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