Internal wrangles rock Matero PF

The Patriotic Front in Matero Constituency has appealed for the party’s top leadership to address the wrangles in the constituency which were dividing the membership.

Matero’s Muchinga Ward Councilor Lee Mukupa said unless the ruling party leaders move in to resolve the internal problems, the opposition UPND would destroy the strong support that PF enjoys in the area.

Mukupa said the people accusing the area Member of Parliament Miles Sampa of forming parallel structures were currently under investigations over the misuse of the party minibus donated for operational logistics.

“These people are actually working with the UPND, dividing the party and bringing even more confusion to the ruling party in the constituency..

“They are just upset with the MP (Sampa) after he withdrew a mini bus that was donated to help with constituency operations, but after receiving complaints from all the five (5) wards about their failure to benefit from the vehicle, they have been very bitter about it,” Mukupa said.

He said all these problems began after Symon Mapulanga and some other Matero PF officials were alleged to be working with the opposition UPND in the Constituency.

He explained that it was no wonder even the MP (Sampa) had been implicated in an appointment that was carried out by the Robert Chikwelete lead district leadership who suspended and replaced the previous Constituency leadership.

“I was appointed to the position of acting constituency chairperson by Chikwelete after the district leadership suspended the Matero chairman and his executive for incompetence,” he said.

Mukupa has called on the Lusaka province chairperson Kennedy Kamba to organise the elections at the district level, which would help reduce the wrangles at the constituency level.

“It’s a pity that the secretary of the whole Matero Constituency is concentrating on  petty matters, instead of looking up to the party hierarchy for a solution to the problems on the ground, but he is busy with the UPND, where he thinks he has a better chance in politics than the PF.

We are all waiting for the district elections but all he is doing now is bringing more and more confusion to the party,” Mukupa said.

The civic leader has since appealed to the Lusaka Province office to quickly organise the party for the Lusaka district elections so that this matter could be handled quickly for the purpose of keeping the party together.

The Councilor was reacting to accusations from Mapulanga that MP Sampa was creating parallel structures in Matero Constituency by appointing Mukupa as Matero party chairman.