Post attacks on Rupiah unwarranted

A civil rights activist has charged that continuous attacks on the former President Rupiah Banda by the Post Newspaper are an infringement of his personal rights.

Brebner Changala challenged the Newspaper to come out in the open and state that it was the only Newspaper which has the right to openly comment on national issues.

He said it was unfair that the Newspaper was blatantly abusive of the former president but had never given him space to air his views, as decent journalism demands.

“These people can’t leave RB alone. What is the issue between them and RB? The whole world knows that it’s personal and why can’t they just tell him what it is that he has done to them. Everyone is laughing at them and they think they are champions yet they are just displaying their inhuman behavior.

“This is inhuman and a total infringement on RB’s human rights. One thing they must know is that the former head of state has a stake like anybody else in this country. We must not use Newspapers to mercilessly assault the freedoms and liberties of individuals,” he said.

Changala observed that it was sad that the Post have never given RB the right to reply but instead humiliated him with continuous scorn and slander.

He appealed to decent political parties and church mother bodies to help and stop the un-Zambian culture coming from the Newspapers.

The civil rights activist said president Banda might have committed certain errors but it was not for the Post to crucify him and he appealed to the editors to revisit their hatred for the former head of state, and many others whom they continue to vilify.

Changala said the people talking ill about president Banda might have personal scores to settle but they were doing it the wrong way as they were punching him while both hands were folded.

Changala was reacting to an editorial in the Post Newspaper published yesterday, and descridbed the fight as unfair.


3 thoughts on “Post attacks on Rupiah unwarranted

  1. Time will tell and they will reap what they bare sowing now. There were better people than them, where are they now? The post must remember that Zambia of 2011 is not what it is now. Wait you will see in 2016. If they think they rig elections by putting their people in strategic positions, then they have it wrongly because the coming election will be based on what the youth will call zambian revolution against the old and disfunctional guys. Leave Rupiah Banda alone because Easterners now have realised that only a few people are a bad seed in zambia and that zambians must retire them in 2016.
    In 2016, when i become minister of home affairs, the first paper i will sign, is the banning of the post news paper and send their boss in exile. Zambian orange revolution is coming in 2015.

  2. Those who thrive on attacking the former President Rupiah Banda should consider themselves destined for HELL. Why on Earth do we have to witness the mutation of human beings into such brutal beasts on Zambian soil? This clique of evil men and women has refused to learn from the legacy that Nelson Mandela has planted for humanity to emulate at global scale. Such cruel-minded men and women, as we know them, are merely succeeding to tarnish eclipse the image of their “President”.
    God Hear Our Prayers.

  3. Its like You Paper providers have demarcations because you find that this paper is supporting PF the other one supporting MMD and so fourth.

    There are ant-PF and ant-MMD. Be unique.

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