Sata is embarassing Zambia – Fr Bwalya

The statement by President Michael Sata that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) office in Zambia has lost its importance because of the unprecedented levels of unemployment and that the labour organisation was not offering suggestions is a clear indication that the Head of State does not understand the role of the organisation in the country,” Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said.

Father Bwalya said it seemed President Sata was of the view that the ILO was in Zambia to create employment or to advise government on how to create jobs.

Fr Bwalya said President Sata’s  handlers and advisors should have briefed and advised him about the mission of the ILO in Zambia and its vision before allowing him to embarass himself before the ILO director Guy Ryder.

President Sata yesterday blamed the ILO for the unprecedented levels of unemployment in Zambia despite  his government recent announcing that it had created more than 300, 000 jobs in different sectors.

But the ABZ leader said President Sata was suffering from what he termed ‘intimidation attitude’ and that was he was bullying people who had nothing to do with the high levels of unemployment in Zambia.

He told the Daily Nation that the civil servents around the presidency were fearing to advise Sata ahead of meetings with diginitaries and before performing other state functions because of his intimidating attitude.

“What we are seeing is a situation where the President just says anything that comes in his mind and the statments are usually mistaken or they are totally incorrect. In the case of the ILO director Guy Ryder, one of his handlers should have given him a proper brief of what the ILO chief had come to Zambia for.

They should have briefed him on what he was going to say and what the organisation stands for. His handlers should also have prepared talking notes for him. By so doing they would have saved Sata and the entire presidency from embarassment that came as a result of the ignorance Sata had exhibited,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said he was not surprised that President Sata was blaming the ILO for the high levels of unemployment and his failure to create jobs because the Head of State lacked comprehension of national issues.

He said the behaviour of President Sata should remind Zambians that the Head of State had no clue on how to create jobs and who should asist him to achieve his goals within the government systems.


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