Sata is abusing Power

President Michael Sata is abusing the law through conduct that is inconsistent with the law because he is aware that he cannot be sued, opposition political parties have complained.

Instead of being the fountain of justice, legality and good order, the President was abrogating the law with impunity, they have charged.

Now both opposition MMD and UPND have formally written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) complaining that the head of state breached the electoral rules when he commenced political party campaigns in Malambo when the was a case in court regarding the seat.

Confirming the development to the Daily Nation MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said his party had written to ECZ director Priscilla Isaacs complaining about the matter.

Meanwhile Nyangu has challenged the head of state to tell the nation if he was privy to the outcome of cases in court regarding the upcoming by elections.

He said as a party the MMD felt betrayed by the PF on the launch of pre mature campaigns in Malambo and Vubwi when it was the ruling party that did not agreed with the candidature of the former Member of Parliament Maxwell Mwale and Eustascio Kazonga respectively.

“I can confirm that we have formally complained to the ECZ over this. President Sata is taking advantage of his position when he knows that he cannot be sued. This is unfair that we have a leader who is abrogating almost every law.

“Does the President know the outcome of the court cases and when the by elections will take place? We are wondering why President Sata should be the one to break the law instead of encouraging people to observe the law. As far as all Zambians are concerned the courts have not yet determined the case and ECZ has not announced the election dates but here is a leader who goes to an area due to have a bye election to introduce a candidate and this can only happen in Zambia,” Nyangu said.

He wondered if the visit by the President signified that the head of state had taken over the role of ECZ and that other political parties could start campaigning.

“There is no report that the head of state was checking or supervising development projects in the areas. The President as a politician was in a 100 percent campaign mood. The MMD is a law bidding party which is why we seek your clarification and ruling over this matter,” read party of the letter.

The opposition leader further said the head of state was going against the principles of democracy in that he was anxious for more seats in parliament hence his decision to start illegal campaigns and that his holds the PF and its candidates in contempt over the matter.

And the UPND has also written to the ECZ complaining about the pre mature campaigns that were launched in Malambo by the head of state.

When contacted for comment UPND secretary general Winstone Chibwe could not pick up his phone.

President Sata on Saturday introduced Jack Shumba as PF parliamentary candidate to the electorates in Malambo constituency and Miss Miti for Vubwi when he visited the area over the weekend.

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  1. Whilst its appreciated that the President has right to visit any area in Zambia at any time, the President should not have gone there to introduce a candidate, as that was a straight forward abuse of power.

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