Sata’s flags were at full mast in Vubwi and Malambo

President Michael Sata should explain to Zambians why the national and presidential flags were flying at full mast when he went to campaign in Vubwi and Malambo after he had declared seven days of national mourning in honour of  former South African president Nelson Mandela, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mulongoti has charged that President Sata had exhibited the worst form of hypocricy by electing to ignore Mandela’s mourning period which he had declared and went to camapign in Vubwi and Malambo, when the whole world was in mourning.

Mulongoti said Zambians were still waiting for an explanation from the presidency on why Sata was the only president who was missing when more than 50 Heads of State converged on Johannesburg to celebrate the life of the world icon and anti aparthied hero.

He said it was shocking that President Sata and the entire presidential detail as well as advisors seemed not to know that the national and presidential flag should have been at half mast at the venues where Sata was addressing a rally in Vubwi and Malambo.

Mulongoti said it was sad that President Sata had decided to fly the presidential and national flags at full mast when world flags were at half mast.

The People’s Party leader said it was clear that President Sata was not indisposed to have failed to travel to South Africa adding that it was more hectic to travel for campaigns in the two constituencies in Eastern Province than to attend the funeral of Mandela.

He said Zambia was fast relegating itself to the backyard of the international community by its inability to interact with other nations in the region and other parts of the world and that that the country’s diplomatic relations with other countries had deteriorated to worrying levels.

“President Sata has exhibited the worst form of hypocricy by going to Vubwi and Malambo constituencies for campaigns when the whole world had converged on South Africa to mourn Nelson Mandela. And it is very sad to learn that the national and presidential flag were at full mast when it ws him who had declared the seven day national mourning. President Sata declared a national mourning in honour of Mandela, he refuses to go and attend the funeral but choses to go for campaigns during the mourning period. Worst of all he lets his flags fly at full mast,” Mulongoti said.

Mulongoti said the presidential operatives should have advised Sata on how to deal with important days like national mourning adding that it was embarassing that the President had gone aginst his own declaration. He said it was worrying that Zambia was losing freinds in the region and other parts of the world because of the unpredictable and erratic behavior of the President Satas. Mulongoti said it was not right for government to underpaly the absence of President Sata at the Mandela funeral because that was an opportunity for the Head of State to have physical contact and interaction with other world leaders.


2 thoughts on “Sata’s flags were at full mast in Vubwi and Malambo

  1. The truth is that Sata has NEVER valued humanity. We saw it earlier as his hatred for FTJ Chiluba was raised to its peak when he refused to attend FTJ’s funeral.

    Sata’s insult to Nelson Mandela has been fully noted by the South Africa’s High Commissioner to Zambia. We can only speculate that God has ensured that Sata will never DIE on this Planet Earth but will just be whisked away by some Angel to be sent by Sata’s personal God. Yet the clock is ticking fast towards 2016 when the Nurses, taxi drivers, youths etc will itch to fully exercise their vote.

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