Mine union fires its president

United Mineworkers Union of Zambia (UMUZ) president Steve Mulenga and his General Treasurer Pride Lombe have been expelled from the union for alleged misconduct, abuse of office, nepotism and getting money from a money lender without the consent of the general membership.

When contacted for a comment, Mulenga promised to get back to the Daily Nation Reporter after 30 minutes, but by press time he had not called back to comment on his expulsion.

Acting UMUZ president Teckson Nyirongo confirmed the expulsion of Mulenga and Lombe from the union and that Mulenga has been replaced by vice-president while Lombe has been replaced by George Mulenga on the position of General Treasurer.

Nyirongo said the two union leaders were expelled from the union during an extra-ordinary supreme council meeting held at Mufulira Mine mess on Monday.

“Yes, I can confirm that Mulenga and Lombe are no longer UMUZ leaders because they were expelled from the union on Monday during an extra-ordinary council meeting held at the Mufulira mine mess.

“They have been expelled from the union for getting hundreds of thousands of Kwacha from a money lender without the consent of the general membership, misconduct, abuse of office and nepotism. There are a lot of issues involved, but for now,,” Nyirongo said.

Mr Nyirongo said, after the supreme council meeting, the two union leaders were reported to one of the police station in Mufulira, but he could not disclose details because the police had told him to go back to the police station today (Tuesday)

And some UMUZ members told the Daily Nation in Kitwe that bailiffs had pounced on the union because it owed some organizations huge debts.

UMUZ is a breakaway union from the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ)

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