PF should jack-up – Saunders

The Patriotic Front must pull up its socks and deliver in 2014 because the year ending 2013 has been a disaster and trying period for many Zambians, says Political analyst Dante Saunders.

And Saunders has described the PF government as the most  wasteful regime the nation has had since independence.

Reflecting on the year ending 2013 yesterday, Saunders said that the PF government was a reckless and disorganised government which had failed to inspire people particularly in the fight against corruption and in job creation.

He said the PF had managed to destroy the achievements the MMD, the former ruling party, had achieved in the two decades it had been in power.

Saunders told the Daily Nation that the year 2013 would be a memorable year for Zambia because it had been the most politically, economically and socially stressful year for Zambians whose hope was that the PF was going to make their lives more meaningful.

“I totally agree with the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection’s observations that the year ending 2013 has been the most painful experience for most Zambians because the PF government has failed to live to its promises. We have seen how those in leadership have abused the law against their own citizens, we have seen how selective the PF government has been conducting its fight against corruption and we have seen how the PF has failed to handle the industrial unrest involving health workers. The dismissal of the more than 250 nurses marks the hallmark of President Michael Sata this year,” said Saunders.

He said that the inability to create jobs and their failure to economically maintain the prices of mealie meal would put the PF under pressure in the coming year because time was fast running out for them to correct the many mistakes they have made in the last two years.

Saunders said that the PF had a lot of work to do if they wanted t o restore the lost confidence adding that going by the arrogance the leadership had exhibited towards its citizens, it was unlikely that there could be any form of change in the way the country was being governed.

He said that it was time that the PF government reorganised themselves and respected institutions of governance to ensure that value for leadership in service provision, job creation and development was attained.