Brace for harder times as we celebrate Xmas – Dr Kaingu

Zambians must celebrate Christmas bearing in mind that the year 2014 will be the most difficult period experienced in recent times, says MMD vice president for politics Michael Kaingu.

Dr. Kaingu has since urged Zambians not to be extravagant but resourceful saying the birth of Christ should be a source of happiness to all.

Reflecting on the World’s mostly celebrated day by Christians, Dr. Kaingu said that Christmas was a day for giving, receiving, forgiveness and above all reconciliation for a new beginning. Dr. Kaingu observed that although most people would be celebrating the birth of Christ, there was need to celebrate with care and caution because of the difficult times ahead under the Patriotic Front government.

“I encourage people to celebrate moderately and cost consciously because next year will be a very difficult year for most of us poor people. Especially when you look at the daily increase of mealie meal prices, cooking oil, let me just say essential commodities will be unaffordable to most of us. So it is only prudent that when we celebrate the birth of Christ we do it consciously,” said Dr. Kaingu.

He said that it was only logic at that people celebrated responsibly by ensuring that they stocked enough food and other essential commodities for future rather than immediate use.

The Mwandi parliamentarian said that there was need for national unity among Zambians and focus on the future in order to overcome difficult times.

And Kaingu told the Daily Nation that the PF government should consider giving Zambians a special gift during this Christmas by reinstating fired nurses across the country.

Dr. Kaingu said that the situation was pathetic in all hospitals affected citing Monze Mission Hospital where over 31 nurses were dismissed.