My family comes first – GBM

Former Minister of Defence Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has vowed that he would never trade his family  values and principles with a political appointment because his family was more important and precious than temporal politcal jobs.

Mwamba popularly known as GBM has said he  will not be separated from his blood relatives because of politics and has told President Michael Sata to keep his political job because his values could not allow him to deny and disown his own family.

According to cabinet ministers who attended the meeting, the slur against Mwamba was made in a heated telephone exchange while the cabinet meeting was going on and President Sata put the phone on loudspeaker for everyone to listen to his conversation with the former Defence Minister.

In a terse message to his friends  posted on his facebook page, Mwamba who until Monday was Defence Minister, the third highest rank in cabinet, said President Sata had it wrong to challenge him to choose between Henry Kanyanta Sosala, the newly enthroned Chitimukulu and his political job because his family came first before anything else in his life.

Mwamba said he had not commented on the stand-off between the Bemba Royal Establishment and President Sata because he had declared interest in the matter as a member of the royal family.

He said it was unacceptable for anyone including President Sata to attempt to stop him from interacting with his family adding that he had refused to allow political differences to separate him from his royal family.

“I know you have waited for my position following the developments of yesterday and today. I wish to confirm that the uproar following my visit to the Chitimukulu Designate’s Residence Henry Sosala Kanyanta-Manga is most unfortunate. I have not commented on the stand-off between Government and the Bemba Royal Establishment because I declared interest in the matter, from inception. But this did not preclude me from visiting my family members, including the Chitimukulu Designate. As GBM, I refuse to allow political differences to separate me from who I am- a loyal member of the Bemba Royal Establishment and a free citizen of Zambia,” Mwamba said.

Mwamba said he was not born a politician and that the game of politics was something he had just joined along the way in his life and pledged that he would forever remain the servant of the people.

He explained that before he was anything to anyone else, he had family obligations such as meeting with family members, which he could not disown under any given circumstances.

He said there always comes a time in a man’s life when bold and tough decisions had to be made and that he had decided to resign from President Sata’s government and thanked the Head of State for having given him an opportunity to serve the people of Zambia in his capacity as Minister of Defence. “There comes a time in  the life of a man when tough and principled decisions have to be made. This is that decision. I wish to confirm my resignation as Defense Minister from President Michael Sata’s Government with immediate effect. I thank him for the opportunity he gave me to serve the people of Zambia in this capacity,” he said.

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