Sata has abandoned the Ten Commandments

President Michael Sata has abandoned his pledge of governing Zambia by the Ten Commandments and has resorted to ruling the country using his own rules and that is why Zambia is in a crisis, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflections (JCTR) national coordinator Leonard Chiti has observed.

Father Chiti has challenged Sata to exhibit presidential qualities and leadership by reflecting on his pledge that he was going to govern the country by the Ten Commandments and not by the rule of man.

Fr Chiti said as the world celebrated the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, President Sata should exercise both love and forgiveness by reinstating the nurses who were fired for participating in the strike action last month.

Fr Chiti said it would be in the spirit of Christmas and good will if the President rescinded his decision to fire the nurses in all the affected hospitals around the country.

“In the spirit of the born Christ and as a renewal of the commitment he made in St Ignatius church that he would rule the country by the Biblical Ten Commandments, President Sata should reconsider his decision to fire the nurses and reinstate them unconditionally,” he said.

Fr Chiti said President Sata should be compassionate enough and consider giving Zambians a Christmas gift by immediately reinstating all the nurses that were fired unconditionally.

He said this was the time for President Sata to display commitment in word and deed to the pronouncements he made soon after his election as Zambia’s President.

He charged that it would be unfortunate for the dismissed nurses to celebrate the festive season as jobless citizens when the President had the authority to overturn the situation and assured their family incomes.

Fr Chiti explained that many people had been affected by the termination of the nurses’ jobs resulting in increased misery and poverty for their families.

He said it was equally a concern for the patients and the families directly affected by the reduction of health staff at various hospitals including the largest health institution in the country, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) which has since closed down most operating theatres due to lack of nurses.

Fr Chiti said as a God fearing and compassionate man, President Sata would not allow unnecessary anguish to befall the people and recommended leniency from the Head of State.

There have been several calls from Members of Parliament, the Church and civil society movements among others for the Head of State to rescind his decision that resulted in the dismissal of striking nurses including midwives and theatre staff affecting cancellation of clinical operations and other hospital services for the patients.