Bemba ministers must resign

All Bemba ministers in the PF government should resign to protest the alleged maltreatment of their traditional ruler, Chitimukulu Henry Sosala Kanyata, says MMD Northern publicity secretary Cephas Bwalya

And former Lusaka district PF chairman Robert Chikwelete has been told to shut up and stop commenting on the resignation of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba.

Bwalya said the resignation of Mwamba from government was an indication that there was something illegal about the failure by President Sata to recognise the Bemba Chieftaincy.

“We are now concerned with the relationship between Mwinelubemba and the PF government.  And we believe that the resignation of GBM has marked a turning point in  the political atmosphere of the country,” Bwalya said.

Bwalya explained that the position taken by GBM should put a stop to  dragging chiefs into partisan politics and allowing government to  interfere in the installation of chiefs.

He disclosed that opposition political parties in Northern Province have formed a coalition to protect the Bashilubemba leadership which position remained unrecognised by the PF government.

Bwalya said it would appear that the PF government was more than  determined to dislodge the current Chitimikulu Kanyanta from his chieftaincy as President Sata has refused to recognize him.

He has since challenged other chiefdoms experiencing harassment to stand up and defend their chiefs against any form of mistreatment by government or other people who did not respect traditional leadership.

And the Kasama Central Constituency leadership has vowed to rally behind their MP Mwamba because he was an achiever and a goal getter who had never let  down his people

Constituency chairman Abram Mulenga said the people of Kasama had no doubt in the MP’s abilities to deliver as they experienced his commitment through the various works undertaken during the time he has represented them in Parliament.

Mulenga said Mwamba had the right to be a member of the National Assembly regardless of whether he was in government or not, and that people like Chikwelete should concentrate on uplifting their status in the PF.

He said Mwamba’s decision to resign from government should not be obligatory to forfeit his parliamentary seat as well, but should be an eye opener that there was more to leadership than government positions.

“We have accepted the position taken by our MP to relinquish his cabinet appointment because that was his decision, but he has not neglected us. He made it in his personal capacity,” Mulenga said.

Mulenga castigated those calling for the resignation of Mwamba from PF to leave him alone because it was only the people of Kasama who had the mandate to do so.

He said it was a waste of time to begin discussing Mwamba’s resignation when he was still a devoted member of the ruling party and a committed leader for the constituency.

“At the moment he remains our MP under the PF and we don’t see any reason for anybody to talk about his resignation from the party. He resigned from his government position and not as a law maker,” Mulenga said.